Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our Merry Christmas is Over

Well we did have a really great Christmas - it was just like we thought it would be. Lots of fun and lots of squeals. The 2 boys had a lot of fun - Miles especially. He would play with one toy until it was time for him to open another present and then he would play with that toy until it was time to open another present, and on and on. Jonas mainly watched as Miles "helped" him with opening his toys! And of course Jonas watched Miles playing with all the new toys and wanted to join in, too. But he truly was just as happy playing with the new toys as he was with the wrapping paper and boxes. :)

After a few hours of opening and playing with toys, Ben and I were ready to do something "for us." So we got the kiddos ready and went for a Christmas Day Jog. It was great. But apparently all that hard playing got to the boys since they BOTH fell asleep in the stroller (this is Jonas' second time, but Miles' first time doing that!). So it was a quiet run, but the short nap of Miles' was enough to make him not want to take his real afternoon nap. :( That was a slight bummer.

We got the kids some outdoor playset thing. Miles screamed with delight when he first saw it, then got busy with his trucks and started snow-plowing our deck. Jonas was absolutely thrilled to play in it - and by himself, I'm sure! Jonas would go down the big slide (on his tummy for some reason) over and over and over - he loves it! Once Miles came over to play on it we had to do a lot of coaxing to get Miles to go down the big slide - he finally did and did it maybe once or twice more. Miles is our cautious little boy and Jonas is our little dare-baby. Interesting.

Sadly the day is already passed and we're already back to the same old routines. Only now we've got a lot more toys to play with. Like bulldozers, backhoes, drills, crane trucks, cars, trains, slides, etc., etc. . . .


The Crazy Tiltons said...

Cute, Cute!!! It looks like they had a great time. I thought you were going to Salt Lake - did plans change? We need to chat!

Kristen said...

Merry Late Christmas EMILY! Don't you love Christmas now with little kids. I mean, I always loved Christmas, but it's awesome with kids! Loved the picture you sent! We were lame and didn't send out anything this year.......so Happy Holidays! :)