Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Polar Express

Thanksgiving was great - it always is, right? Especially when I didn't have to cook a single thing - thanks to a great Mom and great Aunts. YUM. The "big event" for the holiday weekend was our trek on the Polar Express (offered by the Heber Creeper).

We've been listening to the soundtrack of the movie version of the Polar Express for the past couple of weeks and on our drive out Miles got to watch it. He liked it for the most part, but didn't like "the funny man." Tom Hanks. He talks weird in it.

Anyways, we all had a great time - my mom was able to come with us and so that was fun. We enjoyed the elves, Hot Cocoa, cookies, and for Miles - a bright blue candy cane. We made it to the "north pole" and Santa came in our train car and gave each kid a jingle bell. It twas loads of fun.

Monday, November 27, 2006

out of the mouth of babes

so last nite we were getting ready to pray with miles and tuck him in for bed. i was talking to ben about how i didn't really feel that good - driving 6 hours can make me feel blah. anyways, i guess miles was listening and so he started telling me: "mom, go out of the room" several times. i finally asked him why he wanted me to leave and he said it was because i was sick. so, again, he told me: "mom, go out and cook." WHAT???? i was DYING when he said this to me! it was like the funniest thing i've heard since. . . forever.

now i know I didn't teach miles to think this up. BEN must have a lot of explaining to do. . .

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Why I am Thankful for my Day Job:

* It doesn’t require that I shower every day, or even every other day (!)
* I can sing real loud and real bad whenever I want to
* I don’t have to spend money on alarm clocks - although mine seem to be malfunctioning. One goes off at 5, but luckily I know how to get that to stop for a little while longer. The other goes off at 5:45-6am and doesn’t stop making noise until 7pm that nite - I need to get that one fixed.
* I get to be excited about airplanes flying over the house and the garbage truck coming in our backyard and the street sweeper coming down our road - I can even jump up and down when these events occur and I don’t get any funny looks
* I get to, ummm, stretch the truth about certain things in life - such as Santa really does has a list and checks it twice
* I get to be Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc.
* I get to act like I know A LOT of stuff - and to a 2-year old and 1-year old, I probably do!
* I get to catch rolly-pollies again and play with them
* I get to play dress up with real-life baby dolls
* I can put a CD in and dance in the kitchen - all before 7am
* I have great running partners - although I need to remind one of them that to support me better on my runs he should stop saying, “Mommy can we go home now?” over and over and over and over. .
* I get to teach good, healthy habits and be reminded of them for myself
* I get to/have to stop and literally smell the roses
* I get to hear little baby-giggles and toddler-squeals throughout the day
* I get to play in the rain, the snow, the mud, the dirt, the fall leaves - and all in one day
* Even if I tell my “employers” that I quit, they take me back with open arms
* In every sentence I can throw in made-up-words and my kids won’t even know
* I get to read some of the best books ever written (and I get to read them over and over and over and over) - such as “Tacky the Penguin,” “Cowboy bunnies,” and “If you give a Moose a Muffin.”
* I get to give hugs and kisses all day long - even though my 2-year old has to “wipe off” all the kisses I give him
* I get to slide down slides again and swing on swings
* I have assistants on hand at all times: assistant chefs, assistant launderer, assistant dish washers, assistant pasta-maker - I mean pasta-eater, assistant walk around the house with a thing in your hand for hours, assistant mess-makers, etc. - and I don’t even have to pay them
* I can wear pajamas all day long
* Finally, nothing beats being called “Mommy" by Miles and "Mama" by Jonas. Nothing.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Snow Bears

so last thursday we went up to the mountains to play in the snow. it was a lot of fun - until one of the boys would actually get snow in their faces or something. but they survived.

we don't have a sled - ben is working on building one from my old skis - and so we took a plastic storage bin. it worked out okay. miles' favorite part about the snow, however, is just . . .eating it. what a weirdo.

we had fun making snow angels, too. miles referred to himself and jonas as "snow bears" - the title of a book we got from the library. but by the way miles and jonas acted when a particle of snow touched their bare faces, i think a more apt name for them (for 2 reasons, i guess) is "snow babies." either way, they're SnOOOOw cute.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Last Meal

so I just thought it might be interesting for people to comment on 2 things here: 1. what your last meal was, and 2. if it really was your last meal, what would you choose?

so i'll go first.

1. my last meal was lunch and it consisted of a bowl of yogurt with sliced bananas in it, a strawberry nutrigrain, and 3 honey-wheat pretzel sticks. yum.

2. hmmmm, if i knew my meal was going to be my last, what would i do? hmmmm. would i choose something totally fattening b/c i don't really eat REALLY fattening things now? i wouldn't have to really worry about gaining weight or looking fat. that would be nice. hmmmm, still thinking. this is what i think it would be: a fresh, warm Rich's bagel; an ENTIRE bowl full of fresh, warm, gooey rice krispie treats; and A LOT of really good chocolate. yes, i think that would satisfy me. dang that sounds good. . .

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

getting some serious ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzs

so, yeah, i know i'm posting lots of blogs and they are really only photos of my kids, but i can't help it. i don't do anything exciting - except play with my kids. so that's what you're going to get! someday i'll post some witty and intellectual blogs, but i'm still waiting for those witty and intellectual moments to come my way. anyways, these pictures were just too funny for me to not put them on the blog.

miles' newest thing at bedtime is to ask: "mommy please close the door another way." interpretation: leave the door slightly opened. which is fine since it is so darn quiet once the kids go to sleep anyhow. but i ask ben to close it all the way when we go to bed so perhaps ben won't wake miles up in the morning with ben's walking on our squeaky floors. so ben went to close the door and, of course, stole a peek at our little boy. and this is what is came upon - he told me to come and check it out. i did and then ran and got the camera and took these 3 pictures - he didn't even stir when i took the pictures. i told ben to move him back to a normal position and i guessed miles twitched a little, but that was it. how cute. i was dying - it was pretty funny to me!

p.s. just for clarification for those of you who don't know - miles' head is smashed up against his little railing - put there so he doesn't fall out of bed. and, judging from the pics, he definitely needs it! (and, yes, the railing is torn, i need to fix it or buy a new one)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Johnny Jump-Up-Date

yeah, confusing title. but i thought i would post some funny pics of the boys on the johnny jump-up and give an update. we found the jump-up as we were cleaning out our hall closet. jonas really loved it - and of course miles had to have his turn, too! it's fun. only we wish we had a better spot for it since the boys both get a little wild and crazy on it and tend to bonk their heads. oh well. it's not their first bonks and is far from their last.

so jonas is doing dandy. he started walking a couple of weeks ago - well taking steps. he's now really good at walking and tries to do it all the time without prompting. he can walk across a room now - but usually it's about 7-8 steps and then he plops on his bum and then crawls. it's so cute to see him walking! he would have weaned himself probably 2 months ago if he had his way - but, despite all my moaning and groaning about nursing, i wasn't ready. but now i've really started the weaning process and am down to only 3 feedings a day -it's nice. soon we'll be able to give him cow's milk and that will be fun - he's had sips of miles' and i think he'll like it. we'll see.

miles loves his halloween candy and does very well with the rule: one candy anytime before nap and one candy anytime after nap. "anytime" usually means within 5 minutes of waking up in the morning and from his nap! :) he gets soooo excited about choosing what piece of candy he wants. i brought a tootsie pop for him to suck on during sacrament (it took him like the whole time to eat it - my idea exactly!). there are 2 rules with suckers/lollipops: 1. you sit when you eat it and 2. no biting until it's real tiny. he probably asked me 2 dozen times during sacrament: "mom, is it tiny yet?" cute, cute. ben got some costumes from a gal at work and so miles dressed up in one of them this morning. what was he - i have no idea? but it was fun and i thought he looked hilarious. miles' favorite words: "really," "probably," and "actually." he uses them all the time and it is so hilarious. he tells jonas about all sorts of things: "jonas that's a chair," "jonas that's the moon." i love it!

now for the boring update: ben and me. ben actually (hmmmm, i wonder where miles gets his habits?) got a really good raise at work - cuz he's such a good nurse, much to his chagrin. (is that how you spell it? i'm not sure i even know what it means, but it sounds good, right?!). but he is enjoying his job as a nurse and is now even more motivated to do a good job. i think the surgery center realized how lucky they are to have him around - he really does a great job in the OR and the docs like him lots. plus, he's just a "nice guy." as for me? nothing really new. i mowed the lawn on saturday and that was quite enjoyable - it was my "break" from the kids - although miles watched me the whole time. i love how all my "breaks" include work: houseWORK, yardWORK, nurse-WORK. someday i hope to have a real break. i like real breaks. but, you know, i also like my non-kid work-breaks too. i'll take what i can get.

well that's it for now.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

the Pumpkin Patch

so we had a good halloween. it was a big, long day - but a good day, i think, for everyone. miles had playgroup in the morning - and when i picked him up from it he was teary and i was told he was pretty much teary/crying the whole time. he's afraid of another playmate, luke, who is quite fond of hitting - especially miles. poor miles.

while the kids were napping i got to/had to make about 3 dozen donuts that my husband had signed-up for in priesthood meeting. i was fine with it - but, really, sign-up sheets in priesthood should be called "signing-up my wife" sheets. really. so that took me like 1 1/2 - 2 hours to do.

then i took the kids to get to get the flu shots. the nurse/frog was great - neither kid cried at all!miles was actually in denial that he had received the shot. i was asking him about it on the way home and he kept replying, "i didn't get the shot." whatever you want to think kid. he DID NOT let the nurse put a bandaid on him afterwards - maybe that's why he thinks he didn't get one???

then we got ready and headed over to the church for a halloween party - they had little carnival-like games, food, and finally trunk-or-treating. it was a lot of fun, but with a ward of 700 people it's kind of crazy to combine with another ward! so it was a little hectic, but fun. i sat with jonas during the trunk-or-treat and ben took miles around. i guess miles LOVED it and would belt out "RICK or REAT." (he does not say his "t.") the kids were SO cute, in my opinion. fun day.

p.s. i think i made it possible for "non-registered" people to post comments. so i was wondering if a non-registered person would post a comment so i could see if it works or not. thanks!