Friday, January 26, 2007

little bitty update

well i have a few moments as my kids are pleasantly entertaining themselves for the moment. jonas is carrying a large (and green-eyed) tiger all around - it's bigger than he is! and miles is moving his train along the tracks i've set up for him. we'll see how long it all lasts. . .

so jonas tries to say just about everything we say! he can say balloon, bubble, "ack" (snack), "nana" (banana), stand up, book, moo, etc., etc. he really says a ton - more than we pick up on. he continues to be a non-stop climber. when i tell him to "sit down please" he looks at me, smiles, and then waits a few seconds before he slowly, slowly starts to sit down. that happens 1/2 the time - the other 1/2 he just doesn't even attempt to sit down. now he is playing the piano. he survived a hair-cut by me - it actually turned out pretty good. it's not too difficult as i just have to cut his hair pretty much straight across. the picture of him is him wearing sydney's pink boots - BEN put jonas in them and so i can not get in trouble for dressing my boy in pink.

miles found a friend in luke - his one-time enemy. :) they played and played yesterday and had a great time. luke has really mellowed out and has stopped hitting and pushing for the most part. i'm so happy - now miles can have a friendly buddy! (my peaceful moment is quickly vanishing as a fight is starting over the trains!) i have put miles in the accelerated potty-training class. i just stuck him in underwear. it's been 2 days and we've had 2 accidents. not too bad! i don't know how long that will last. we still are battling poop-issues. he's sick today - i'm not sure with what. nasty head congestion perhaps? i love that he has an AWESOME attention span. he's always the last one to finish up with his craft at playgroup (and not because he's slow!) and will sit the entire time i'm reading books. i love it.

i had a busy week full of tons of kiddos and family. tuesday was playgroup at my home - 6 or so kids. it was crazy and hectic, but we survived. then that afternoon my father and brother came down for a visit. my brother derek, from alaska, has never met my 2 kids and so we had a fun time together. miles couldn't remember the name "uncle derek" for the life of him, but i think he liked him nonetheless! miles loves the table (the one they are all sitting upon) my brother made and gave to us - we all love it! then on thursday we watched luke for about 7 hours - his mommy had a baby the nite before. the same day, at about 3, another gal in the ward dropped off her THREE kids for a couple of hours and so it was crazy insane for a little bit! luckily (FOR ME) ben was home from work that day and so he helped out tons.

anyways, i didn't mean for it to be too long. jonas has lost interest in whatever he was doing and is now having fun playing with the wall and the corner. miles is now sitting on my lap, "miles needs to be held mommy." having a sick kid definitely has its benefits. :)

Monday, January 22, 2007


well i'm real mad cuz i spent a bunch of time writing and uploading photos last nite only to have the blogger kaputz on me. truthfully it was probably our computer cuz we have the lamest computer in the world (but the nicest flatscreen monitor - thanks to erin and chuck!).

so this will be short. we went to denver and had a fabulous time - mainly spending time with family. we spent time with grandma diana and grandpa max, great-grandmas dee and gwenn, and even auntE and uncle chuck. it was awesome! we already miss everybody.

i'm just going to post a few pictures - mainly from the denver children's musuem. so here they go:

the fireboys in front of the firetruck - with "spotty" the dog, of course!

looks like jonas has some serious issues weighing on his mind.

fishing for some magnets - i mean fish.

miles had lots of fun painting some fine pictures. jonas just wanted to eat the paint (he did manage to get some in his mouth), so he was quite upset when we had to end our art session early.

miles and ben went to "super dogs," a show at the stock and rodeo thing in denver. here is miles clapping!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Day. . . thus far

Well typical of how the last few hours have gone: I just wrote my blog, uploaded pics, etc. and then it all erased on me! Sheeesh.

So you get the shortened version of my day: started out by us all (except ben) sleeping in until 6:30! Wahhooo. (Anything beyond 6 is sleeping in at this house.)

Miles went to playgroup, Jonas and I got lots done. Then we had lunch and that was grand as both kids were very excited about eating yogurt, YUM I guess. Then the day started going KAPUTZ. I was finishing up with Jonas when I heard a loud crash. We have crashes and bonks and bangs all day long here, but something was special about this one. I knew it was. . . serious. So I go out into the living room and saw that our big window pane was shattered. Lovely. So I scooted Miles away, picked up the large pieces of glass, then vacuumed up the rest.

Then. . . I go back into the kitchen and it is all smokey! I had no idea where it was coming from and started opening windows, unplugging things, etc. Then I realized it was from the microwave. I opened it and sure enough found tiny flames still blazing in there! My gosh. I had stuck a dish-sponge in there to "sanitize" it. I have done this many of times before - but never had it catch fire! So that was exciting. . . and stinky.

But now all is calm and merry and bright. Or something like that. The kids are napping, the window guy came over and gave me an estimate (yikes), and now I think I want to take a nap.

Hopefully when I wake up it will be on the right side of things. :)

Hope your day is going better. . .

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My New Year's Resolutions

I usually like to make New Year's Goals and such, but I've never been one who is really good at sticking to them. So this year I have only made two - although I actually want to make a few more with Ben but we haven't quite had time yet to sit down together and get that taken care of. Anyways, I'll share my resolutions since one of them involves YOU ("YOU" implying my family and friends reading this).

The first one should just be a given, really. And it doesn't involve YOU, it just involves ME. It is that I will read my scriptures every day. Every day. Every single day. I used to be so much better and would get up and read my scriptures, go running, etc. But when I'm "forced" to wake up around 5:50-6am every morning, I just don't feel like getting up much earlier to read, etc. So I usually try to find a moment here and there to read. I'm still not going to get up any earlier, I'm just going to make more of my "here and there" moments. Like today: I read the scriptures while Jonas was taking his mini-morning-nap and Miles was playing with playdough. I, of course, had to "participate" in playdough-playing and so it was not a truly focused scripture study, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

And so now for my second resolution, the one that involves YOU. I resolve to convince either family members or friends (YOU) to move out to Montrose, Colorado. It is a great place to live, but would be a million times better if we had some good family and/or friends out here to enjoy it with us. :) I've realized that it isn't so much as where you live (especially when you get "established" with kiddos, etc.) as to who you live close to. Luckily we are very close to family and friends, but we actually wish we were closer. We have met wonderful people and friends out here, but nothing beats a long-time friend, sister, sister-in-law, mother, mother-in-law, etc.! So part B. of this resolution it to monthly write a blog on why YOU need to/should move out to Montrose, Colorado.

Wish me luck. . .

Monday, January 01, 2007

Burn Hut - our Home away from Home

(from left to right: Lara, Andy, Shanna, Paul, me, Ben, and Christian in front)
So Ben and I had quite the adventure this past Friday and Saturday. Ben's friend, Paul, had organized a cross-country ski trip near the town of Ridgway - which is just about 20 miles from our home. I was dreading this trip - as well as looking forward to it. I was dreading it because Ben and I had never left our kids for more than 4 or so hours - and this was going to be a 24-hour ordeal. So I kind of hoped that a snow storm would force my parents to stay in Utah and thus we wouldn't be able to go - but it didn't happen. Thank goodness. Ben and I had an awesome time - and so did our boys and Grandma and Grandpa (in fact, the only one who showed signs of missing us was Wilson - I guess he would stand up at the window and whine a few times each day).

Ben and I headed out at about noon on Friday - about a couple hours after the rest of the gang since Ben had to work. We skied about 6 miles to the hut - it was all uphill except for maybe 10 minutes of the 3 1/2 hours of skiing. But it was beautiful and fun to be out together in the wonderful snowy mountains. We got to the hut a little before 5 and hung out for a while. Then we ate dinner and then at about 9pm that nite we all went out frolicking in the snow again. Ben and Christian skied while the rest of us walked in our boots and sled down hills on a shovel - which I was pretty pathetic at doing.

The 10 minutes of down-hill on the way up translated into about 30-40 mintues of uphill for our trip back down. Thus it took us 1/2 the time to get down - a little under 2 hours. It was challenging in a different way - going down hill on cross-country skis is quite difficult since there is not much control and we also had pretty big and heavy packs on us! So we had some fun falls - luckily nobody got hurt. It was a fun ride down!

We met my parents and the 2 kiddos in Ouray for lunch. Miles and Jonas seemed excited to see us - but not overly so. And I guess that's a good thing. They really had a great time and even went to bed well - and Jonas wasn't even cranky for them. And Miles only had to go to time-out once.

In a couple of weeks Ben and I are going down-hill skiing at Mary Jane Ski Resort, outside of Denver. And this time the kiddos get to stay with Grandma Diana and Grandpa Max. They are excited out it - and so are we! This whole idea of leaving our kids for a day or so with the grandparents just might become addicting. . .

Here are the pics of our trip:

Here I am on the way up. We got soooo hot amazingly enough!

This is to show the inside of our hut. It had 2 bunks on each side, a wood-burning stove in the middle and a little "kitchen" area in the back. Here is the gang washing the dishes in the snow-melted water. Fun times!

Ben and Christian getting some nite-time skiing in. More fun times!

Here is Ben on Saturday morning getting the fire started to warm up our hut. The hut actually stayed fairly warm all nite - I never got cold.

These are taken on our way down. I love these pictures! It shows the beautiful snowy trees and the amazing moutains - and one handsome man. Once again - very fun times were had on this trip!