Monday, January 01, 2007

Burn Hut - our Home away from Home

(from left to right: Lara, Andy, Shanna, Paul, me, Ben, and Christian in front)
So Ben and I had quite the adventure this past Friday and Saturday. Ben's friend, Paul, had organized a cross-country ski trip near the town of Ridgway - which is just about 20 miles from our home. I was dreading this trip - as well as looking forward to it. I was dreading it because Ben and I had never left our kids for more than 4 or so hours - and this was going to be a 24-hour ordeal. So I kind of hoped that a snow storm would force my parents to stay in Utah and thus we wouldn't be able to go - but it didn't happen. Thank goodness. Ben and I had an awesome time - and so did our boys and Grandma and Grandpa (in fact, the only one who showed signs of missing us was Wilson - I guess he would stand up at the window and whine a few times each day).

Ben and I headed out at about noon on Friday - about a couple hours after the rest of the gang since Ben had to work. We skied about 6 miles to the hut - it was all uphill except for maybe 10 minutes of the 3 1/2 hours of skiing. But it was beautiful and fun to be out together in the wonderful snowy mountains. We got to the hut a little before 5 and hung out for a while. Then we ate dinner and then at about 9pm that nite we all went out frolicking in the snow again. Ben and Christian skied while the rest of us walked in our boots and sled down hills on a shovel - which I was pretty pathetic at doing.

The 10 minutes of down-hill on the way up translated into about 30-40 mintues of uphill for our trip back down. Thus it took us 1/2 the time to get down - a little under 2 hours. It was challenging in a different way - going down hill on cross-country skis is quite difficult since there is not much control and we also had pretty big and heavy packs on us! So we had some fun falls - luckily nobody got hurt. It was a fun ride down!

We met my parents and the 2 kiddos in Ouray for lunch. Miles and Jonas seemed excited to see us - but not overly so. And I guess that's a good thing. They really had a great time and even went to bed well - and Jonas wasn't even cranky for them. And Miles only had to go to time-out once.

In a couple of weeks Ben and I are going down-hill skiing at Mary Jane Ski Resort, outside of Denver. And this time the kiddos get to stay with Grandma Diana and Grandpa Max. They are excited out it - and so are we! This whole idea of leaving our kids for a day or so with the grandparents just might become addicting. . .

Here are the pics of our trip:

Here I am on the way up. We got soooo hot amazingly enough!

This is to show the inside of our hut. It had 2 bunks on each side, a wood-burning stove in the middle and a little "kitchen" area in the back. Here is the gang washing the dishes in the snow-melted water. Fun times!

Ben and Christian getting some nite-time skiing in. More fun times!

Here is Ben on Saturday morning getting the fire started to warm up our hut. The hut actually stayed fairly warm all nite - I never got cold.

These are taken on our way down. I love these pictures! It shows the beautiful snowy trees and the amazing moutains - and one handsome man. Once again - very fun times were had on this trip!


erin said...

once again the pics are awesome em. i'm soooo jealous of all the snow. it looks really beautiful!

The Crazy Tiltons said...

I wanted to come!!!!! I'm so jealous! It looked like so much fun and reminded me of a distant memory of skiing with two of my bestest friends in the mountains of Utah.

rebecca said...

You kids are insane! I'm freezing just looking at those pictures. Looks like you had fun though!

:) Your wimpy friend in sunny (and loving it) California