Monday, January 22, 2007


well i'm real mad cuz i spent a bunch of time writing and uploading photos last nite only to have the blogger kaputz on me. truthfully it was probably our computer cuz we have the lamest computer in the world (but the nicest flatscreen monitor - thanks to erin and chuck!).

so this will be short. we went to denver and had a fabulous time - mainly spending time with family. we spent time with grandma diana and grandpa max, great-grandmas dee and gwenn, and even auntE and uncle chuck. it was awesome! we already miss everybody.

i'm just going to post a few pictures - mainly from the denver children's musuem. so here they go:

the fireboys in front of the firetruck - with "spotty" the dog, of course!

looks like jonas has some serious issues weighing on his mind.

fishing for some magnets - i mean fish.

miles had lots of fun painting some fine pictures. jonas just wanted to eat the paint (he did manage to get some in his mouth), so he was quite upset when we had to end our art session early.

miles and ben went to "super dogs," a show at the stock and rodeo thing in denver. here is miles clapping!


Niederfam said...

Looks fun!! Sorry to hear the painting had to end early......Family is the BEST, if only they were closer.......:) Change of scenery does the body and MIND good!!!

erin malia said...

man, that last shot of miles clapping didn't even look like him! but the pics are as cute as they were when i saw them in denver.

rebecca said...

That museum looks so awesome! What fun!

rebecca said...

Oh, and I wanted to mention, blogger does the same thing to me now and then. I've started copying and pasting what I write to a word document before I publish it, just in case something happens. And you can use spell check!