Friday, January 26, 2007

little bitty update

well i have a few moments as my kids are pleasantly entertaining themselves for the moment. jonas is carrying a large (and green-eyed) tiger all around - it's bigger than he is! and miles is moving his train along the tracks i've set up for him. we'll see how long it all lasts. . .

so jonas tries to say just about everything we say! he can say balloon, bubble, "ack" (snack), "nana" (banana), stand up, book, moo, etc., etc. he really says a ton - more than we pick up on. he continues to be a non-stop climber. when i tell him to "sit down please" he looks at me, smiles, and then waits a few seconds before he slowly, slowly starts to sit down. that happens 1/2 the time - the other 1/2 he just doesn't even attempt to sit down. now he is playing the piano. he survived a hair-cut by me - it actually turned out pretty good. it's not too difficult as i just have to cut his hair pretty much straight across. the picture of him is him wearing sydney's pink boots - BEN put jonas in them and so i can not get in trouble for dressing my boy in pink.

miles found a friend in luke - his one-time enemy. :) they played and played yesterday and had a great time. luke has really mellowed out and has stopped hitting and pushing for the most part. i'm so happy - now miles can have a friendly buddy! (my peaceful moment is quickly vanishing as a fight is starting over the trains!) i have put miles in the accelerated potty-training class. i just stuck him in underwear. it's been 2 days and we've had 2 accidents. not too bad! i don't know how long that will last. we still are battling poop-issues. he's sick today - i'm not sure with what. nasty head congestion perhaps? i love that he has an AWESOME attention span. he's always the last one to finish up with his craft at playgroup (and not because he's slow!) and will sit the entire time i'm reading books. i love it.

i had a busy week full of tons of kiddos and family. tuesday was playgroup at my home - 6 or so kids. it was crazy and hectic, but we survived. then that afternoon my father and brother came down for a visit. my brother derek, from alaska, has never met my 2 kids and so we had a fun time together. miles couldn't remember the name "uncle derek" for the life of him, but i think he liked him nonetheless! miles loves the table (the one they are all sitting upon) my brother made and gave to us - we all love it! then on thursday we watched luke for about 7 hours - his mommy had a baby the nite before. the same day, at about 3, another gal in the ward dropped off her THREE kids for a couple of hours and so it was crazy insane for a little bit! luckily (FOR ME) ben was home from work that day and so he helped out tons.

anyways, i didn't mean for it to be too long. jonas has lost interest in whatever he was doing and is now having fun playing with the wall and the corner. miles is now sitting on my lap, "miles needs to be held mommy." having a sick kid definitely has its benefits. :)

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Niederfam said...

Wow!! You had your self a regular day care, I'm glad you surrvived, and aren't we glad usually children show up ONE at a time! Yeah, I'm glad Luke has mellowed, and they can play NICE. :) And Uncle Derek meets the nephews, such fun!!! Uncles' are great, I don't know what my boys would do without theirs. Major doesn't quite know enough about them yet, but Mitt's learned fast, they are about as good as grandparents!!! :) Thanks for the update.