Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Day. . . thus far

Well typical of how the last few hours have gone: I just wrote my blog, uploaded pics, etc. and then it all erased on me! Sheeesh.

So you get the shortened version of my day: started out by us all (except ben) sleeping in until 6:30! Wahhooo. (Anything beyond 6 is sleeping in at this house.)

Miles went to playgroup, Jonas and I got lots done. Then we had lunch and that was grand as both kids were very excited about eating yogurt, YUM I guess. Then the day started going KAPUTZ. I was finishing up with Jonas when I heard a loud crash. We have crashes and bonks and bangs all day long here, but something was special about this one. I knew it was. . . serious. So I go out into the living room and saw that our big window pane was shattered. Lovely. So I scooted Miles away, picked up the large pieces of glass, then vacuumed up the rest.

Then. . . I go back into the kitchen and it is all smokey! I had no idea where it was coming from and started opening windows, unplugging things, etc. Then I realized it was from the microwave. I opened it and sure enough found tiny flames still blazing in there! My gosh. I had stuck a dish-sponge in there to "sanitize" it. I have done this many of times before - but never had it catch fire! So that was exciting. . . and stinky.

But now all is calm and merry and bright. Or something like that. The kids are napping, the window guy came over and gave me an estimate (yikes), and now I think I want to take a nap.

Hopefully when I wake up it will be on the right side of things. :)

Hope your day is going better. . .


rebecca said...

Oh Emily! What a day. I hope things get better. As a third party observer, may I say that the picture of your charred sponge is hilarious. But I understand if you disagree at this point.

Have a nice, long nap. (So jealous that all your kids nap at the same time for even a moment.)

erin malia said...

wow em. now that's a DAY and a half, at least. any idea on why the window shattered? and did you actually get to see flames? that would be fun! but only kinda. we have an extra microwave, but we use it so sorry that we can't bring that out too!

emily said...

whoops, the shortened version forgot to mention how the window was shattered. miles drove our stroller into it. what a strong boy! :)

the sponge was pretty funny and the flames were pretty exciting. luckily our microwave still works! wahoooo.

Niederfam said...

That's what you get for trying to clean.....:) Oh shoot!!! I hope the rest of the day went a little smoother than the first!!