Tuesday, February 20, 2007

One Hundred

i'm like way behind in the blogging world and am finally getting around to posting my "100." 100 what - i don't know. random things about me, thoughts i have, etc. so have fun.

1. i was just called in to my kids' bedroom and ordered by my almost-3 year old to "turn the heater on mommy and then give miles a drink of water." aye-aye Captain.
2. i have an almost 3 year-old and a 13 month old - both boys.
3. i was inducted into the "popular group" in 5th grade. i think natalie c. and i were decided upon becoming members of the group because we were born in "exotic" places.
4. i was born in honolulu.
5. natalie c. was born in new york city.
6. my mother-in-law gave me her copy of "the sisterhood of traveling pants" and i read it in one nite.
7. it was not my favorite book and so i don't know why i had to finish it in one nite - but i really did enjoy reading it.
8. i think my favorite book is "Gone with the Wind."
9. my sister was mad at me for making her read it because she really, really loved it - until the lame-o ending.
10. i drive a subaru forester that is full of mashed nutri-grains and smooshed cheerios.
11. i should care more, but i don't really care that my car is full of mashed and smooshed items.
12. i should let you all know i worked last nite and am working off 2-2 hour naps today - so don't hold me accountable for all that i say
13. i've never been superstitious about the number 13
14. we have 3 space heaters in our 1200 square foot home
15. our home is still pretty much freezing
16. i just got my first "assignment" in my new calling (compassionate leader person) - i just realized how much i detest having to call people and ask them to help out; it's awkward sometimes
17. our car's windshield has a huge crack in it and developed even more cracks this past weekend in denver
18. i love my husband
19. i don't think i'll see my husband at all today because he left before i got home from work and i plan to be in bed sleeping when he comes home from his stake meetings tonite - which he went to straight from work
20. my husband likes to play the mandolin and is quite good at it
21. i think i like the guitar better
22. this is kind of fun
23. i took first place on beam (my usual worst event) in a level 5 (the beginning of competition level) gymnastic state championship competition
24. my coach's name was hernan felix
25. he was an olympian - i think
26. i used to spend an absurd amount of time - in junior high mind you - getting my bangs just right (and just high enough, i'm sure my friends and family would say)
27. perhaps i had to compensate with my lack of height with making my bangs a little taller??
28. i have only gotten 1 ticket so far - for speeding
29. my husband got like 4 tickets in one day back in new york - i don't think any were for speeding
30. i don't like how in today's society people can't take responsiblity and have to blame someone or something other than themselves
31. don't blame me for saying that - i was born to think that way due to the genes i inherited
32. my 2 favorite movies are "sound of music" and "while you were sleeping." i looooove them.
33. the only movies i've ever seen my husband watch over and over and over are: 1. dances with wolves, and 2. napolean dynamite. they must be his favs.
34. i'm stopping for the nite once i reach 50
35. i really love all my family - in-laws definitely included
36. i get cold right when hopping into bed, then about midnite on i am burning up and pushing all the covers off me and onto my cold husband
37. the first neighborhood (sugarhouse, utah) my husband and i lived in as a married couple will most likely be the nicest neighborhood we will ever live in
38. my husband likes to have as many lights on as possible while at home
39. i don't
40. you don't find out this stuff until you get married
41. to me, everything bascially has a 50/50 chance - none of this "the chances are 90% that it will snow." then it doesn't snow. to me it is either gonna snow or not - 50/50.
42. my sister, the statistician, will probably disagree with me
43. my dad's b-day is sept. 4th, mother-in-law's AND brother-in-law's sept. 6th, and my mother's sept. 8th
44. my grandma's b-day is feb. 27th, mine is march 27th (and perhaps Baby Haslam, too), our anniversary is april 27th, my parent's anniversary (i think???) is may 27th, my half-b-day is sept. 27th, and 2 of my sisters-in-law have anniversaries on dec. 27th.
45. a sentence is less impactful when the phrase "i think" is used, i think
46. the book i am now reading is entitled, "the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime." it is bizarre and funny.
47. my favorite bagel store used to be brackmann's bagels - before einstein's bought them out. now it is rich's bagels.
48. there is no rich's bagels in montrose
49. neither is there a target, an old navy, a michaels, or great harvest here
50. see number 34
51. (it's now like 2 or 3 week later)
52. a 10 year-old girl today told me that some grown-ups like me were called midgets
53. i told her that's nice and all but i am not a midget
54. i don't have anything against midgets, i'm just not one
55. i did enjoy watching "little people" on TLC at my folk's place
56. we do not have cable in our house
57. we have dial-up internet, but hopefully will switch to DSL soon
58. i have no idea what DSL stands for, but i'm sure i'll like it
59. my best-friends were all random roommates at BYU
60. i made "healthy" jalepeno poppers last nite and they were pretty good
61. since i touched the jalepenos, however, i cannot put contacts in my eyes - it burns too much!? 62. i just finished the first coating of paint on the kids' bookshelf
63. i spent 6 weeks in guatemala with fellow nursing students
64. my relationship with ben really grew while in guatemala - via lovely emails
65. ben is really quite witty and writes really great and funny emails when he wants to
66. my wedding ring is very loose (see #15)
67. ben and i have almost been married for 5 years
68. i can't remember what ben and i did when we did not have kids
69. my boy miles is doing absolutely fantastic with the whole potty training thing
70. when outside i get 5 times as many bug bites as ben - or most other people for that matter
71. during high school my mom and i would play tennis
72. i'm not sure i ever beat my mom in a tennis match
73. i've lived in hawaii, florida, virginia, utah, new york, and colorado
74. i like my toes
75. i pick-up but hardly deep clean
76. cleaning the toilet and bathtub makes me want to puke
77. ben gets to clean the toilet and bathtub
78. i really love running - especially in the wintertime
79. i think YOU should move to montrose
80. we (i.e., usually ME) make homemade pasta every week for pasta nite
81. my 2 new favorite things to eat: mini ranch rice cakes and cherry nutrigrains
82. my old favorite thing to eat: ghiradelli chocolate chips
83. i had to look up the right spelling of "ghiradelli"
84. i am 12 weeks pregnant, surprise
85. my youngest boy's fav. thing to do now is stick food in his ears - so gross (see below picture)86. i ate oatmeal this morning for breakfast
87. i had leftover fajitas for lunch
88. i enjoyed doing our federal taxes since we'll get back money
89. i did not enjoy doing colorado state taxes since we owe money
90. i have never had to pay/owe tax money before
91. i am a registered nurse
92. it seems like i've put in more hours nursing (i.e., feeding) my babies than nursing patients
93. my brother lives in Alaska
94. my sister lives in the DC area
95. ben, at 5'7, is taller than everyone in my immediate family
96. i , at 4'10, am shorter than everyone (who have reached their full height) in my immediate family and in-law family
97. i have run 1 marathon - and that's enough for me
98. i have made 1 quilt - and that's enough for me
99. i wear flip-flops like 90% of the time
100. i'm hungry right now

so there ya go! if you read it ALL you got some very interesting news - if you didn't read the whole thing, you better go back and do it. :)


rebecca said...

Emily! You are a very witty writer yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed reading 100 things about you.

What was your ispiration behind listing 100 things?

The Crazy Tiltons said...

Who is baby Haslam? That has me puzzled. Congrats on the "other" baby. You are Fertile Myrtle and INSANE!!! When are you due?

Megan said...

Woo-hoo! Shout out on #44! Also, an even bigger WOO-HOO! to #82. No complaints about how you feel, so does that mean you're feeling good? Does that also explain the change in favorite foods or do you just eat healthier than you used to? (You've always been a healthy eater, though.) And- what kind of food is stuck in Jonas's ear?

erin said...

wow. well that's certainly a different way to tell everyone! but hooray for a new niece or nephew! i'm pumped. what do you want me to make this one? of course i love boys, but girl clothes are much funner, so...you know, get on it.

erin said...

so, my calculations (hooray statistics, or just regular math) tell me that you're due sometime early september. that's just what you need...another september birthday!

emily said...

questions answered:

just inspired by other bloggers to do the 100 list. nothing else

baby haslam is megan and ryan haslam's baby that is due on my birthday

a green pepper is stuck in jonas' ear

erin you can make anything because everything you make is extremely great

i am due september 3rd

rebecca said...

How did I miss your hidden announcement? Somehow I skipped lines #80-84. Emily!!! Wait a second. Now we won't be due-date buddies again. :( I am currently NOT pregnant. Congrats on baby #3!!! How exciting!

Kristen said...

Okay, first of all, a BIG congratulations on the new baby! I am so happy for you! Second of all, my favorite number is 61. It was all funny, but for some reason, I really laughed at that one. Third, that is disgusting that Jonas has a bell pepper in his ear. It reminds me of our first clinical of flushing huge chunks of ear wax out of old people at a nursing home. Yeah......Thank goodness you have those skills I guess. :)

Ben said...

Hey Sweetie,

I loved your list. You should do this more often so I can get to know you. I love you.


erin said...

emily, was that you posting as ben again???

emily said...

HAHA erin.

aubrey said...

Hey Ems-
congrats!!! I haven't talked to you forever!! How the heck are ya? Sounds like you're doing great. We are great and happy too!-A part from Ivy has the Croop and feels like poop. I'll try to get an email address or phone from Rachelle and we can chit chat.

Niederfam said...

GOod list...Sorry about sticking food in body crevaces...I don't know if that's how you spell that...anyways...I'm with you about brackmans' bagels, SOOOO good!! Too bad they were bought out, and we don't have a Rich's nearby so I settle for Einsteins, but if you recall they do make REALLY good cookies!!!

Niederfam said...

And oh YEAH......CONGRATULATIONS on the baby......I have to admit it sneaked past me, but I think my father alerted me to the news.....apparently our dad's talk!!! Well they are brothers....SO GOOD LUCK, are you hoping for PINK??? :)