Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentines' Day - 1 day early

Well I thought I would post some stuff today since I have the time right now - tomorrow I work and so during my "break" I usually just try to nap the entire time.

So I had playgroup at my house today - and boy was I ever lucky! Only 1 girl showed up - Claire. Luke hasn't been coming since his li'l bro was born, Anwen is suffereing from severe separation-anxiety issues, and Sydney just didn't show up. So it was just Miles and Claire. Ben was off today and so we had already decided that he'd go grocery shopping with Jonas and so it was an unusually quiet and calm playgroup. I liked it.

I took pictures of the kids in the chair and then printed them off and then we made some Valentines' Cards with the pics inside - actually each kid just made one. Next year I need to be better and do this like a week before so we can make a bunch and actually give them to people. But they had fun with the glue. But Miles was unusally "hurried" with his craft - because he was ready to frost, and mainly, eat the cookies!

So after they glued on a sufficient number of hearts to satisfy me, we frosted the cookies and put sprinkles and such on it. Then Claire and Miles got to eat their homemade cookie - yum. Although Claire just said "Yuck" when she ate the cookie - all she wanted to do, and did, was lick off all her sprinkles and frosting! It was pretty hilarious. But my camera batteries were dead by then - too bad.

Anyways, there are no pictures of Jonas because 1. he wasn't there, and 2. my batteries are all dead and I tried scrounging up batteries from alarm clocks, toys, etc. in attempt to get some photos of him too, but to no avail. Maybe tomorrow I will take some pics of him - and then again, maybe not.


erin said...

yeah! new pictures! how cute of miles eating that cookie. i wish it was me eating that thing.

Kristen DeLange said...

Cute idea for V-Day! Looks like Miles has a little girlfriend. I need to do more fun stuff like that with my kids. And by the way, it is about time you post some new pictures!