Thursday, February 01, 2007


so yeah, M2M stands for "move to montrose." do you remember one of my new year's resolution was to get somebody to move here? well part of that resolution was that i would post, monthly, a reason why you need to move out here. i meant to do it last nite (technically still january), but i was SO SUPER BUSY at work i had no time. i literally did not sit down until 1am - that was 6 straight hours on my feet. they hurt. and it's 5am and i just finished up my chart checks, med checks, etc., etc. i still have stuff to do, but i wanted to get this done as close to january as i could!

so, since i don't have much time to write, not much brain cells left, and little energy, my post is going to be short. i really haven't thought about it and so it isn't anything brilliant or real exciting.

but, let's get on with it. . . i'm sure you're all dying to know what is so great in montrose and why you have to move here. one word: GESSEPPI'S. it's a local pizza place. and it is SO DANG delicious. seriously. i have never ever been a pizza lover and have never ever desired to order pizza. but GESSEPPI'S has made me a pizza lover and creates in me a desire to order their pizza. it is really that good. and it's not that gross, greasy cheese 'n pepperoni stuff. it's gooooood stuff. like pesto pizza with garlic chicken. YUM. i LOVE it.

so, if you love good pizza then you have to move to montrose. and if you don't love pizza, then come to montrose and become a pizza lover like me. how fun!

k, back to work. . .


erin said...

gosh. i HATE blogger at work. anyway, sad to report that while pesto pizza may help to convince me to move there, the lack of greasy pepperoni will only convince chucklas to stay away. SORRY!

emily said...

oh come on, i'm sure there is greasy pepperoni pizza here TOO. ha.

rebecca said...

OR you could exchange your Montrose "M" for a nice Moorpark "M"!

The Crazy Tiltons said...

OR a Missouri "M"!!!!!

Niederfam said...

Ummm....Pizza does sound good, but I gotta admit I'm no pesto fan either, I'm with Chuck and greasy pepperoni!!!