Thursday, February 15, 2007

More Valentines Pictures

so i did take some photos of Jonas and so i thought i would post them, too. i have some more of miles, too. we had a fun valentines - not that we really did much. but miles thought it was way cool to get some valentines' cards and treats. i lucked out with a nice card and a HUGE bag of skittles - yum. i've really been wanting skittles for a while and so that was perfect. ben ummm lucked out with paper hearts with messages hanging around the house. valentines is kind of a juvenile holiday and so i wanted to keep it that way. :) anyways, here are the pics.

some brotherly love.

ben probably won't be super thrilled that i posted this pictures - but, come on, it's cute. like father like son?


Niederfam said...

I love the V-day pictures...we didn't manage to get any of my boys...OPPS! I did try but it just didn't work out. They are both getting so BIG....I love Miles long wavy/curly hair, it's to die for!!

rebecca said...

Cute pictures of some cute boys. Well Ben is looking questionalbe, but the little ones are adorable.

Can we get a before and after on that sweet little chair your boys are sitting on? Have I ever told you I have that same fabric as a curtain in my playroom? Great minds . . .