Sunday, February 18, 2007

to the Teachers of Little Learners

so this post is for all you teachers out there - school teachers, church teachers, moms, dads, etc.

after church today i was asking miles what he learned in his primary class today. he didn't give me any answers. so i tried to help him along with silly questions like "did you learn about porcupines?" "No." "did you learn about fish?" "No." "did you learn about Jesus?" "Yeah." and that was about it. but i've learned in my almost 3 years as a mom that kids have really great long-term memories (like, ummm, miles can remember things that happened 8-10 months ago) and really crummy short-term memories (like miles can never tell ben what he had for lunch that day or what other activity he did that day).

however it turns out that kids, even 3 year-olds, listen and actually learn! amazing.

so after nap i'm holding miles and out of the blue he says something to the effect of "what is that one that doesn't have a body?" we hadn't been talking about anything church-related or such. but i answered, "the Holy Ghost?" and he lit up and said "Yeah!" then miles went on to talk about how the Holy Ghost has no body. he said he has a "warm coat," and then miles started laughing at himself, saying, "no, no, not warm coat, warm ummm. . . ." i tried to help him by saying "warm spirit" but that wasn't it. i finally said "warm feeling" and he was excited that i got it right! so he talked again how the Holy Ghost has no body but that when we get "an owwie" He can come and help us feel better. i was really impressed with all that he had absorbed that day in church. i don't think ben and i have really talked about the Holy Ghost with him and so he really did learn this all from his great primary teacher. i'll have to call her tomorrow and tell her she actually is teaching.

anyways, i thought it was fun to hear all this stuff he had learned. i credit good, dedicated teachers and kids' spongy brains. :)

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erin said...

soooo cute. good job teacher. but please, em, DO call her! she'll be so thankful to you. and i know why when you posted on meg's blog it said it was ben. i think because he had been logged into gmail last and it just kept it. maybe.