Saturday, March 31, 2007

M2M 2

so i obviously have failed in my new year's resolution of doing a "why you should move to montrose" (M2M - move to montrose) post each month - i have only done one so far. being as this is the last day of march, i thought i better post something quick!
so one benefit of living here is you can all four seasons - now while i could do without summer, i really do love the seasons and experiencing them all. Winter is winter (cold with some snow - if you want more snow, head an hour or so in either direction and you get LOTS of it), spring is spring (some rain and wind), summer is summer (hot, BLAH, but not hot-hot like AZ), and fall is fall (cool temps, pumpkin-patches, colorful leaves).
here's what it looks like - to get a good picture i'll compare 2 cities. montrose on the LEFT and maine, new york (where we lived) on the RIGHT:

now mind you, if you like cloudy, VERY snowy, VERY cold, VERY wet, and VERY humid days, please do not move to montrose. but for all the rest of you out there, come enjoy the wonderful four seasons of montrose, colorado. we're waiting. . .

Thursday, March 29, 2007

How Sweet

Well I really need to be wrapping up things here at work, but I just got to do something that I don't think I've ever done before: talk to Miles on the phone. (I never talk to him due to the fact that usually wherever I am, he is there too.) But it was oh so sweet. So cute. I love him. It went something like this:

Hi Miles
Hi Mom. You, you gonna pick up me at the house?
Yes, Miles, I'll pick you up at Tori's house after you play with all their fun toys.

Did you have a good night?

Are you eating Chex right now?

Is Jonas there?

What is Jonas doing?
Eating his oatmeal.

Byebye Mommy.
Byebye Miles, I love you.

I'll have to call Miles more often on the phone; it's real fun. I encourage you all to do it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My birthday

So I turned 28 yesterday - kind of weird, but not really. I've been 27 for a year, so 28 is not that much of a difference. 30 might be weird for me, I'm thinking. We'll have to see.

Well the day didn't start out to grand - but did get better, slowly. The boys (who have been sleeping in until 7 [usual wake-up time: 6:15-6:30]) decided to get up at 5:20 AM. BLAH. Ben and my sis said it was because they were excited to wish me a happy birthday - but they didn't wish me a happy birthday until later. So whatever. I wasn't really pleased with that.

Then Miles was acting like a toddler for most of the morning - how could he!? He wasn't awful, though, so I'm lucky. Then I had to deliver a casserole to a lady in our church and after 40 mintues I finally found the trailer park - only to spend 20 minutes driving around it and not finding her place. BLAH. I had to call the lady after the kids' nap and go back (there is NO way I could have found her place - it is awfully marked and she was in the RV side, while I was looking in the trailer side for the most part of it).

But then things got better as the kids napped and I got to do some cleaning up and then relax and read my magazine Ben got me. That was nice. And I was able to finally take a shower - it had been 5 1/2 days (sponge bathing just wasn't really fun; and it was coooold). Ben got all the stuff put back together and I had a hot shower that was great. We fed the kids mac 'n cheese and then had my birthday cake.

When Ben asked a couple days ago what kind of cake I wanted, I could only reply "rice krispie." I mean, I like cake okay and eat it when we have it for other occasions, but I don't really crave it. But I LOVE rice krispies and usually that's the cake I end up with - but this time I added "with chocolate frosting." And that was - literally and figuratively - the icing on the cake. YUM, it was the best cake I ever had (Miles enjoyed it, too, obviously)! Ben did a GREAT job making it - with absolutely no help or hints from me. It was all his design and I loved it.

Anyways, I didn't mean to make it so long, but after the kids went down to bed Ben and I went out to dinner (we had a $20 coupon - that helps!) and had a great time. It was fabulous - the company and food. :)

So it ended up a good day. And I don't feel a year older, because, really, I am just a day older than I was the day before.

Monday, March 26, 2007

i'm just. . . 17 weeks

so BLAH. we went to the ultrasound, and, yes, it is always fun to see little baby-creatures - but when i found out basically NOTHING that i didn't know i'm not too pumped about it! so, yep, just 17 weeks along - i guess i'm just fat or something. :) and we couldn't get a good view to see if it's a boy or girl. so i came out knowing nothing more - although everything did look great on the ultrasound, i.e, 2 hands, 2 feet, 4-chamber heart, 2 brain hemispheres, etc, etc. so that's always good to see. the little creature was moving all over - but never in position to tell gender. but that's really okay because i have to go back in 3 weeks and get some spine and heart measurements since they can't do that at 17 weeks.

BUT the good news about the whole thing is that it will actually end up costing us less than a regular ultrasound. the tech, who i think also works in billing, said she'd bill it as a partial (or something like that) ultrasound and then the next one will be a follow-up. those 2 ultrasounds cost less than a regular one. not a huge savings, but a savings none-the-less. so perhaps a blessing in disguise we think!

so we'll all have to wait around another 3 weeks to see - miles says it is a boy and we should name him "grassy." perhaps. . .


Friday, March 23, 2007

no reason

So we are back home - and poor Jim (Ben's dad) is still working on our bathroom! They just had A LOT of little issues that side tracked them. But it's looking really good and oh so much better and so I am excited. Jim is wonderful to have worked so hard - we had no idea it would be such a big project. :( I'll post some pics when we get it more finished.

So I had an OB appointment today and the doctor wants me to have an early ultrasound - on Monday! (I'll be 17 weeks by then.) The doctor says if your cycle was not all that regular beforehand that causes the due date to become more of a guess. And the ultrasounds can obviously help pin-point how far along you are, and thus the due date. AND the earlier you have an ultrasound the more accurate they are in predicting how far along you are and the due date. He felt my stomach and thought I was measuring at the 20-week mark (whatever, there just isn't up-and-down room in me - only out. But I have tended to always measure right-on with my other kids. . . ). I don't see how that's possible (to be 20-weeks along). And now that I am a crummy SELF-PAY person, an extra ultrasound means a lot of extra money we'll have to pay. But the doctor wants it and I will not refuse it when 1. The Doctor wants it to make sure of things, and 2. Ultrasounds are fun! If I am not 20 weeks along they won't be able to check everything they need to - and perhaps it would be hard to tell boy vs. girl. But it will be fun, nonetheless! And another added expense. . .

So I wanted to post this picture because I LOVE this outfit I got at my mom's house. It says "Brian" on it - my oldest brother. And since Brian's middle name is FORD, I thought it appropriate for Jonas to wear it. I thought my mom had made it, but I guess my parents bought it in Japan while they were living there - like 30 years ago! It's in dang-good shape for being that old - maybe those Japanese really know how to make things!? I think it is great! And to be fair to Miles, I took some pictures of him playing with a box. Oh the fun things we do here. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Salt Lake's Children's Musuem

So this afternoon was spent at the Children's Musuem here in Salt Lake. We went to the Denver's musuem in January of this year and had a great time, so thought we'd try it out here. It was great, too. Both places have different things, but both are great for the kids. They LOVE it. So here's what we did:

So the first stop was at the "ball" area. Tons of balls and tons of stuff to do with them. MY personal favorite was playing "PLINKO" (think "Price Is Right"). Jonas liked it okay, but really enjoyed just smacking 2 balls together.

Here's Miles working real hard at spinning around the wheel and making the balls go "pop."

Jonas loves driving "buggies." To Jonas, anything on wheels on the road is called a "buggy." Miles constantly corrects him, though: "No Jonas, that is a truck - NOT a buggy." :)

Miles the Helicopter Pilot - well, the older boy seemed more like the pilot (Older Boy: "Will everybody please sit down, we are ready for take off!") So I guess Miles was the co-pilot - a mighty fine one to make Grandpa G. proud.

By far their favorite activity was just playing in this water thingy. Lots of things to do - and by the end Miles was soaking wet. Too bad Grandma Dixie noticed the "aprons" AFTER we were soaked, but oh well. Miles didn't seemed bothered by it one bit! (Yes, Jonas has his tongue sticking out - he does that A LOT!)

And to end the day we had some ice cream from McDonald's. Jonas had never had a cone before - we've usually just fed him some of our ice cream. But he has gotten to the point where I can't feed him anything - he has to do it all by himself. Miles like ice cream, but has never been a fan of the cone part. So I ordered a cone put in a dish and it worked out great - Jonas got his first ice-cream cone and Miles got his favorite part - the ice-cream.

Thanks to Grandma Dixie for a FUN and YUMMY day! :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

For Kidless Ben

The kiddos and I left on Friday and headed over to my parent's house. Jim, Ben's dad, came to our house and is working with Ben in doing some fixing up in our bathroom. So I'll try to post pics of our daily activities so Ben can see what we've been up to. And to make him miss the cute kiddos all that much more. . .

Today we went to the pet store close to my folks' home. It was dandy. Then I wanted to go right next store and get my fav bagels from Rich's Bagels. Miles, of course, remembered that Rich's is the store with the "cow's head." (A cow's skull, or some creature.) Of course Miles did not want to go in! I stood at the 2nd door for about 5 minutes and talked to him all about it and convinced him to go in that door and I'll take him to a special place where he wouldn't see the head. It worked and we were all happy.

After nap we went to Wheeler Farm. That was where Ben and I had our reception. It was fun to be there again. I could remember that day like it was . . . 5 years ago. In some ways, it seems like a LONG time ago. I mean, I just had graduated, Ben hadn't yet, we had yet to move to Grand Junction, then to NY, then to Montrose, had yet to have Wilson, then Miles, then Jonas. A lot has changed since then. While I would change nothing in my life right now (okay, okay, I'm sure there are things I would change, but you know what I mean), I do miss the Ben & Emily only days.

Anyways, gosh, long sidetrack. Anyways, you can just walk around there and see all the animals. Miles wanted to stay in the car when he found out cows were going to be there because he doesn't want them saying "mooo" at him. But he was fine and stared at the cows and survived. We took a ride on a wagon pulled by a tractor and the boys loved that. We saw all sorts of animals, too. But the best part of it - according to Miles and Jonas???? The tractors, of course! I LOVE boys. They were thrilled to sit in them and "drive." Boys will be boys.

Spring is Coming

So we have been blessed with extra warm weather later - it's nice (albeit I think today was too hot for me - mid 70s perhaps? low 60s is my perfect temp). The kids have been loving being able to get outside. Jim and Ben finished up the sandbox and the kids LOVE playing in it - it is so great!

Last week we took Miles and Jonas to the swimming pool. Miles really liked it, but didn't like going out "deep" with Ben. He preferred staying on the stairs and splashing around on them - fine with me. He is such a cautious boy. He enjoyed playing with the floatie thing - however he enjoyed it OUT of the water. Whatever floats your boat (haha me).

Jonas, well, Jonas basically hated it. I don't think it was the idea of water - since he loves baths - but the temperature of the water. It was quite cool. I love the picture of me holding him and he holding up his legs - that was after I'd taken him out, so he knew he did not want to touch that water again! :) It was cute.

So I am excited for Spring. Although Spring does mean one bad thing: my worst-favorite season is right around the corner, Summer. BLAH. I need a cabin that I can escape to every summer - that would be just divine. But I'll try to enjoy Spring and not think about how darn unpleasant Summer During Pregnancy is going to be. :)

Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Miles

Well today was my big boy's 3rd birthday. It was just a great day and we had fun
day. Ben and I have been sick all week due to Strep Throat (Ben got a nice Scarlet Fever to go along with it), but the great thing about it all was that he got sent home from work on Thursday and was told to take Friday off. We've both started antibiotics and feel SO much better.

Ben's folks came on Thursday and so we had some family here to celebrate the day with us. It was such a beautiful, sunny, warm day and so that made it extra nice, too. I'll just show some pics to show what the day was like: (and I know many of you are so excited to not have to see that lovely Jonas picture anymore)

This is Miles getting up at 6:30. He awoke and looked at his door and with big eyes said, "What is that????" It was sweet.

Miles helped me make his birthday cake - and of course he got to eat the batter. He is my son and I will never deny anybody (myself included) from the great taste of batter. YUM.

The morning was spent outside playing - well for Miles it meant working. He is such a good worker, seriously. Ben and his dad were digging up an area - making a sandbox - and so Miles naturally stepped in and did his part. He loves being outside playing - and working!

Miles has watched like 3 movies in his life, and the latest one was Cars. It really stuck on him and he constantly talks about Fillmore, Tow-Mater, Lightening McQueen, etc. So his birthday had A LOT of Cars stuff. This is the cake I made and frosted for him - it is Tow-Mater. Miles was a litle weary of us cutting into the cake, but allowed us as long as we didn't cut into Tow-Mater. Funny.

Jonas enjoyed the festivities too!

Miles really liked all of his presents, but LOVED his Cars - I bought eight together on Amazon (they were the McDonald's Happy Meal Prizes some time ago, I guess!). He was so in to them that he wouldn't even go outside to see what Ben and Jim had built (the sandbox - oh well, we'll save that for tomorrow!)

Miles' new FAVORITE blanket made by Grandma Diana - very coooooooool.

And here the B-day boy is in his PJs ready for a special late nite of watching, what else, CARS. I better go join them. . .

Saturday, March 03, 2007

It Snot that Bad (title by Ben)

Come on Erin doesn't this make you like want to have TEN snot-nosed kids????? Gotta love it!

Boredom leads to . . . fingerpainting

So we got a little bored today and didn't really have much to do this afternoon. So I told Ben we should fingerpaint - well, have the kids fingerpaint. He wasn't too keen on it, but after realizing we had nothing else to do agreed to it. It was scary with just Miles fingerpainting that one time, but even scarier with 2 kids - luckily, though, there were also 2 adults.

Jonas enjoyed it - for the first 3 minutes. Then he tasted it and realized it wasn't all that good. Next he wanted to take the paint with him - somewhere, anywhere. So he was frustrated for the next 30 mintues.

Miles really liked it and was painting "animals." After about 20 minutes of painting on paper, however, that obviously wasn't exciting enough anymore. So then he got the excellent idea to paint himself. And why just do one arm when ya got two??? So he was completely enjoying himself as evidenced by crazy, wild laughs. He was quite bummed when it was time to wash it all off - but he loves playing in the sink so it wasn't all bad.

It was fun - it's always fun just watching your kids play and experience life. Maybe a little frightening at times, but fun.