Saturday, March 03, 2007

Boredom leads to . . . fingerpainting

So we got a little bored today and didn't really have much to do this afternoon. So I told Ben we should fingerpaint - well, have the kids fingerpaint. He wasn't too keen on it, but after realizing we had nothing else to do agreed to it. It was scary with just Miles fingerpainting that one time, but even scarier with 2 kids - luckily, though, there were also 2 adults.

Jonas enjoyed it - for the first 3 minutes. Then he tasted it and realized it wasn't all that good. Next he wanted to take the paint with him - somewhere, anywhere. So he was frustrated for the next 30 mintues.

Miles really liked it and was painting "animals." After about 20 minutes of painting on paper, however, that obviously wasn't exciting enough anymore. So then he got the excellent idea to paint himself. And why just do one arm when ya got two??? So he was completely enjoying himself as evidenced by crazy, wild laughs. He was quite bummed when it was time to wash it all off - but he loves playing in the sink so it wasn't all bad.

It was fun - it's always fun just watching your kids play and experience life. Maybe a little frightening at times, but fun.


erin said...

okay. simply adorable. i think jonas looks like me in the first picture. and miles just looks so victorious in the last one. i love it all! plus, you're brave.

rebecca said...

Cute. Painting is the best!