Saturday, March 17, 2007

For Kidless Ben

The kiddos and I left on Friday and headed over to my parent's house. Jim, Ben's dad, came to our house and is working with Ben in doing some fixing up in our bathroom. So I'll try to post pics of our daily activities so Ben can see what we've been up to. And to make him miss the cute kiddos all that much more. . .

Today we went to the pet store close to my folks' home. It was dandy. Then I wanted to go right next store and get my fav bagels from Rich's Bagels. Miles, of course, remembered that Rich's is the store with the "cow's head." (A cow's skull, or some creature.) Of course Miles did not want to go in! I stood at the 2nd door for about 5 minutes and talked to him all about it and convinced him to go in that door and I'll take him to a special place where he wouldn't see the head. It worked and we were all happy.

After nap we went to Wheeler Farm. That was where Ben and I had our reception. It was fun to be there again. I could remember that day like it was . . . 5 years ago. In some ways, it seems like a LONG time ago. I mean, I just had graduated, Ben hadn't yet, we had yet to move to Grand Junction, then to NY, then to Montrose, had yet to have Wilson, then Miles, then Jonas. A lot has changed since then. While I would change nothing in my life right now (okay, okay, I'm sure there are things I would change, but you know what I mean), I do miss the Ben & Emily only days.

Anyways, gosh, long sidetrack. Anyways, you can just walk around there and see all the animals. Miles wanted to stay in the car when he found out cows were going to be there because he doesn't want them saying "mooo" at him. But he was fine and stared at the cows and survived. We took a ride on a wagon pulled by a tractor and the boys loved that. We saw all sorts of animals, too. But the best part of it - according to Miles and Jonas???? The tractors, of course! I LOVE boys. They were thrilled to sit in them and "drive." Boys will be boys.


rebecca said...

What is with Miles and cows!? Too funny!

Ok, Emily. It's time for you to reveal pregnant you. We're always seeing pics of the boys, but I wanna see YOU!!

emily said...

1. Miles has always had a strong dislike of things that are LOUD. for some reason it has been increased ever since coming here. maybe it was the LOUD toilet we used on our way over here????

2. hmmmmm, we'll see. i'm already getting quite big and i'm only 16 weeks. i'm in the stage that i don't quite like: chubby vs. pregnant? but i'll see what i can do. . .

erin said...

i'm excited to have daily pics posted of the boys (and you!). and yes, that one of little jonas trying to keep out of the water is funny.