Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Miles

Well today was my big boy's 3rd birthday. It was just a great day and we had fun
day. Ben and I have been sick all week due to Strep Throat (Ben got a nice Scarlet Fever to go along with it), but the great thing about it all was that he got sent home from work on Thursday and was told to take Friday off. We've both started antibiotics and feel SO much better.

Ben's folks came on Thursday and so we had some family here to celebrate the day with us. It was such a beautiful, sunny, warm day and so that made it extra nice, too. I'll just show some pics to show what the day was like: (and I know many of you are so excited to not have to see that lovely Jonas picture anymore)

This is Miles getting up at 6:30. He awoke and looked at his door and with big eyes said, "What is that????" It was sweet.

Miles helped me make his birthday cake - and of course he got to eat the batter. He is my son and I will never deny anybody (myself included) from the great taste of batter. YUM.

The morning was spent outside playing - well for Miles it meant working. He is such a good worker, seriously. Ben and his dad were digging up an area - making a sandbox - and so Miles naturally stepped in and did his part. He loves being outside playing - and working!

Miles has watched like 3 movies in his life, and the latest one was Cars. It really stuck on him and he constantly talks about Fillmore, Tow-Mater, Lightening McQueen, etc. So his birthday had A LOT of Cars stuff. This is the cake I made and frosted for him - it is Tow-Mater. Miles was a litle weary of us cutting into the cake, but allowed us as long as we didn't cut into Tow-Mater. Funny.

Jonas enjoyed the festivities too!

Miles really liked all of his presents, but LOVED his Cars - I bought eight together on Amazon (they were the McDonald's Happy Meal Prizes some time ago, I guess!). He was so in to them that he wouldn't even go outside to see what Ben and Jim had built (the sandbox - oh well, we'll save that for tomorrow!)

Miles' new FAVORITE blanket made by Grandma Diana - very coooooooool.

And here the B-day boy is in his PJs ready for a special late nite of watching, what else, CARS. I better go join them. . .


The Crazy Tiltons said...

It looks like it was a fun day and I'm glad Miles liked his cars so much. I guess it was worth the money. The cake looked great too.

rebecca said...

Thank you for posting something to replace the snot!!!

Emily, you are so talented. Everything you do is so great! Love the Mater cake. Love the decorations. Love the pictures.

Matthew is crazy about cars too and I love that you thought to order the whole Happy Meal set from eBay! Brilliant!

Can you believe he's 3?! How does it happen so fast?!

erin said...

i love the pic of miles strutting through the streamers! he just looks so confident. it's hysterical.

Aubrey said...

I can't believe you have a three year old! Sounds like you guys are having a blast in Montrose! Your boys are A-dorable!