Monday, March 26, 2007

i'm just. . . 17 weeks

so BLAH. we went to the ultrasound, and, yes, it is always fun to see little baby-creatures - but when i found out basically NOTHING that i didn't know i'm not too pumped about it! so, yep, just 17 weeks along - i guess i'm just fat or something. :) and we couldn't get a good view to see if it's a boy or girl. so i came out knowing nothing more - although everything did look great on the ultrasound, i.e, 2 hands, 2 feet, 4-chamber heart, 2 brain hemispheres, etc, etc. so that's always good to see. the little creature was moving all over - but never in position to tell gender. but that's really okay because i have to go back in 3 weeks and get some spine and heart measurements since they can't do that at 17 weeks.

BUT the good news about the whole thing is that it will actually end up costing us less than a regular ultrasound. the tech, who i think also works in billing, said she'd bill it as a partial (or something like that) ultrasound and then the next one will be a follow-up. those 2 ultrasounds cost less than a regular one. not a huge savings, but a savings none-the-less. so perhaps a blessing in disguise we think!

so we'll all have to wait around another 3 weeks to see - miles says it is a boy and we should name him "grassy." perhaps. . .



The Crazy Tiltons said...

Sorry it didn't end up being more positive, although I think a health baby is the most positive thing anyone could hear. I can't wait for three weeks to see if pink is in your future.

The Crazy Tiltons said...

....more blue would be great too!!!

rebecca said...

Waaah! I was hoping you were secretly 3 weeks further along and you'd get an early peek at his/her boyness/girlness. I vote for some pink. You know Megan just had her third boy, Charlie, yesterday. You could be like her, but I'm thinking girl for you.

So happy to hear everything looks strong and healthy. That is great news!

erin said...

oh man, i'm totally up for naming the baby grassy. grassy rose? how nice does that sound?!

niederfam said...

I don't know about "grassy" but you know you have time to decide. Sorry it didn't pan out quite like you thought, I'm hoping it really is a blessing in disguise when you get your bill!! :)