Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My birthday

So I turned 28 yesterday - kind of weird, but not really. I've been 27 for a year, so 28 is not that much of a difference. 30 might be weird for me, I'm thinking. We'll have to see.

Well the day didn't start out to grand - but did get better, slowly. The boys (who have been sleeping in until 7 [usual wake-up time: 6:15-6:30]) decided to get up at 5:20 AM. BLAH. Ben and my sis said it was because they were excited to wish me a happy birthday - but they didn't wish me a happy birthday until later. So whatever. I wasn't really pleased with that.

Then Miles was acting like a toddler for most of the morning - how could he!? He wasn't awful, though, so I'm lucky. Then I had to deliver a casserole to a lady in our church and after 40 mintues I finally found the trailer park - only to spend 20 minutes driving around it and not finding her place. BLAH. I had to call the lady after the kids' nap and go back (there is NO way I could have found her place - it is awfully marked and she was in the RV side, while I was looking in the trailer side for the most part of it).

But then things got better as the kids napped and I got to do some cleaning up and then relax and read my magazine Ben got me. That was nice. And I was able to finally take a shower - it had been 5 1/2 days (sponge bathing just wasn't really fun; and it was coooold). Ben got all the stuff put back together and I had a hot shower that was great. We fed the kids mac 'n cheese and then had my birthday cake.

When Ben asked a couple days ago what kind of cake I wanted, I could only reply "rice krispie." I mean, I like cake okay and eat it when we have it for other occasions, but I don't really crave it. But I LOVE rice krispies and usually that's the cake I end up with - but this time I added "with chocolate frosting." And that was - literally and figuratively - the icing on the cake. YUM, it was the best cake I ever had (Miles enjoyed it, too, obviously)! Ben did a GREAT job making it - with absolutely no help or hints from me. It was all his design and I loved it.

Anyways, I didn't mean to make it so long, but after the kids went down to bed Ben and I went out to dinner (we had a $20 coupon - that helps!) and had a great time. It was fabulous - the company and food. :)

So it ended up a good day. And I don't feel a year older, because, really, I am just a day older than I was the day before.


erin said...

yum, that cake does look good. i think i'd like white icing, however. i'm with you on the "one day older" thing. but now you have to be an even age. i'm not looking forward to 30 because of that.

The Crazy Tiltons said...

You must have been off wondering the trailer park yesterday when I called. Sorry I missed you. Were you there again tonight? I called again, but got no answer and didn't leave a message. I will try again soon. Glad to hear the day ended right even though it started rough.

rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Emily! 28 is a great age! :) Sorry your day started not so fabulous, but your cake looks yummy and your date sounds perfect. Happy Day.

I so can't wait to find out the identity of your little son or daughter to be!

niederfam said...

Happy LATE Birthday!! It sounded like things did indeed get better, sorry about the early wake up call. Cute photo's and good work on the M2M campaign, we'll keep you posted on our decision--:)