Friday, March 23, 2007

no reason

So we are back home - and poor Jim (Ben's dad) is still working on our bathroom! They just had A LOT of little issues that side tracked them. But it's looking really good and oh so much better and so I am excited. Jim is wonderful to have worked so hard - we had no idea it would be such a big project. :( I'll post some pics when we get it more finished.

So I had an OB appointment today and the doctor wants me to have an early ultrasound - on Monday! (I'll be 17 weeks by then.) The doctor says if your cycle was not all that regular beforehand that causes the due date to become more of a guess. And the ultrasounds can obviously help pin-point how far along you are, and thus the due date. AND the earlier you have an ultrasound the more accurate they are in predicting how far along you are and the due date. He felt my stomach and thought I was measuring at the 20-week mark (whatever, there just isn't up-and-down room in me - only out. But I have tended to always measure right-on with my other kids. . . ). I don't see how that's possible (to be 20-weeks along). And now that I am a crummy SELF-PAY person, an extra ultrasound means a lot of extra money we'll have to pay. But the doctor wants it and I will not refuse it when 1. The Doctor wants it to make sure of things, and 2. Ultrasounds are fun! If I am not 20 weeks along they won't be able to check everything they need to - and perhaps it would be hard to tell boy vs. girl. But it will be fun, nonetheless! And another added expense. . .

So I wanted to post this picture because I LOVE this outfit I got at my mom's house. It says "Brian" on it - my oldest brother. And since Brian's middle name is FORD, I thought it appropriate for Jonas to wear it. I thought my mom had made it, but I guess my parents bought it in Japan while they were living there - like 30 years ago! It's in dang-good shape for being that old - maybe those Japanese really know how to make things!? I think it is great! And to be fair to Miles, I took some pictures of him playing with a box. Oh the fun things we do here. :)

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niederfam said...

I love the orange jumpsuit, how fun is that!!! I'm glad your parents hung on to it for so long, so Jonas could be the proud new owner. AND I bet with the ultrasound you will be able to tell if its a boy or girl, even if you are only 17 weeks...........YEAH!! Hopefully that helps you swallow the payment a bit better. GOOD LUCK!