Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Salt Lake's Children's Musuem

So this afternoon was spent at the Children's Musuem here in Salt Lake. We went to the Denver's musuem in January of this year and had a great time, so thought we'd try it out here. It was great, too. Both places have different things, but both are great for the kids. They LOVE it. So here's what we did:

So the first stop was at the "ball" area. Tons of balls and tons of stuff to do with them. MY personal favorite was playing "PLINKO" (think "Price Is Right"). Jonas liked it okay, but really enjoyed just smacking 2 balls together.

Here's Miles working real hard at spinning around the wheel and making the balls go "pop."

Jonas loves driving "buggies." To Jonas, anything on wheels on the road is called a "buggy." Miles constantly corrects him, though: "No Jonas, that is a truck - NOT a buggy." :)

Miles the Helicopter Pilot - well, the older boy seemed more like the pilot (Older Boy: "Will everybody please sit down, we are ready for take off!") So I guess Miles was the co-pilot - a mighty fine one to make Grandpa G. proud.

By far their favorite activity was just playing in this water thingy. Lots of things to do - and by the end Miles was soaking wet. Too bad Grandma Dixie noticed the "aprons" AFTER we were soaked, but oh well. Miles didn't seemed bothered by it one bit! (Yes, Jonas has his tongue sticking out - he does that A LOT!)

And to end the day we had some ice cream from McDonald's. Jonas had never had a cone before - we've usually just fed him some of our ice cream. But he has gotten to the point where I can't feed him anything - he has to do it all by himself. Miles like ice cream, but has never been a fan of the cone part. So I ordered a cone put in a dish and it worked out great - Jonas got his first ice-cream cone and Miles got his favorite part - the ice-cream.

Thanks to Grandma Dixie for a FUN and YUMMY day! :)


erin said...

wherever did jonas learn the word "buggy?" seems like such an interesting word for a 15-month old! looks like you guys had fun though!

rebecca said...

Yay! We're going to the museum late next month. Looks like fun. So Emily, any chance you'll be back in the Salt Lake area April 24-29?