Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spring is Coming

So we have been blessed with extra warm weather later - it's nice (albeit I think today was too hot for me - mid 70s perhaps? low 60s is my perfect temp). The kids have been loving being able to get outside. Jim and Ben finished up the sandbox and the kids LOVE playing in it - it is so great!

Last week we took Miles and Jonas to the swimming pool. Miles really liked it, but didn't like going out "deep" with Ben. He preferred staying on the stairs and splashing around on them - fine with me. He is such a cautious boy. He enjoyed playing with the floatie thing - however he enjoyed it OUT of the water. Whatever floats your boat (haha me).

Jonas, well, Jonas basically hated it. I don't think it was the idea of water - since he loves baths - but the temperature of the water. It was quite cool. I love the picture of me holding him and he holding up his legs - that was after I'd taken him out, so he knew he did not want to touch that water again! :) It was cute.

So I am excited for Spring. Although Spring does mean one bad thing: my worst-favorite season is right around the corner, Summer. BLAH. I need a cabin that I can escape to every summer - that would be just divine. But I'll try to enjoy Spring and not think about how darn unpleasant Summer During Pregnancy is going to be. :)

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