Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blog Book

So my sister Erin once wrote about how her blog has bascially become her journal and some friend commented on how you can actually print up your blog. So that got us thinking and looking on-line for places that do it. We found www.blurb.com. It's great! I had some trouble with it but finally it all worked out and I got a published book of my blog - I'm going to do one for each year. I love it! It is my journal and scrapbook in one (since I am a year behind in my kids' scrapbooks, I figured this will at least work for mine).

Once you download the software program to convert your blog to a book, it's fairly easy to use. I didn't do too many frills and what-not, but that's okay. I did copy and paste a bunch because the book was really long at first - since it puts one post per page. By copying and pasting I was able to put anywhere from like 2-4 posts per page, depending on size obviously.

The cost is totally determined on how big your book is. My book turned out to be 63 pages, after I had done all my copying and pasting. My cost came out to be $41.99 - including the shipping and handling. I got a hard-back; the soft-cover is about 10 dollars cheaper, I think. Either way, I think it is definitely a reasonable price for what ya get.

Here are some pics to show what it looks like:

So this is the cover.

Here's a sample of 2 pages. There are many different formats you can do with and without pictures. I pretty much did the same format for every page - except for maybe 5 pages.

A close-up picture of a page.

And just to show you how cheesy and lame I can get, my "about the author" segment on the back flap cover (Sorry, for hard-back only!)

Any questions about it, just ask!


erin said...

totally awesome! i'm going to re-illegally-download the software at work tomorrow. i think it looks good. i still think i'll do the paperback for me, though. since mine is more journal than actual scrapbook. but good for you.

erin said...

what size did you do? i don't remember.

emily said...


MKZ Family said...

So,Emily- Kate here. Hi, I'm wondering if the actual text next to the pictures print up that way. In your book example it shows the words all paragraphed together off separately, instead of spaced out with each picture, like I notice you have on some of your regular blog postings.