Friday, April 06, 2007

bYu and driving Home

so we just took a quick trip over to utah. we got there at about 10pm tuesday nite and came home thursday at 6pm. short trip, but very enjoyable.

we went because ben is a sucker for anything related or pertaining to BYU. i got an invitation to a nursing alumni event (basically a fundraiser,think) that served dinner and featured speaker Sheri Dew. i thought it would be fun, but didn't have to go. ben did. so he got 2 days off work and we went.

it was a very nice program at BYU. i saw my nursing professor that i went to guatemala with when we entered and that was really fun. i really liked her and she doesn't work at BYU anymore and so i was surprised that she was there. i also saw one girl, afterwards, that was in my class (Virginia, if you remember her Kristen) and so that was fun.

but we heard from a few speakers. the first was Mary Ellen Edmunds - the nursing program has named an "endowment" after her (we think an endowment is something related to scholarship and fundraising). she was really great - just so natural and unpolished and spoke whatever she felt! she was hilarious and very entertaining. she wasn't an official speaker, so didn't take much time. then Wendy Watson Nelson spoke - she is the new wife of Elder Nelson. she was a really great speaker, too! she, along with Sheri Dew, spoke on how "Christ heals without a scar." she had a very interesting story to go along with that, but i'm not going to go into it. then sheri dew spoke, and as always, was excellent. she's an amazing woman. it was a very long evening (too long for us, really) but was filled with great speakers and so it was worth it.
then we headed back home thursday - although we stopped off at BYU again. ben thought it would be fun to buy a Mary Ellen Edmunds book - and so we went to the bookstore and did that. we ate our homemade lunches in the cougareat - after spending 10 minutes trying to find seats for us. :) then we just walked around outside. it was honor week and so they were doing some stuff - like giving away free otter-pops (YUM) and they had this bouncy thing that was some obsticle course. ben and miles went and had a fun time - although at the end miles anounced, "i don't want to do that again." he loved the slide at the end, but the other stuff was a little too much for him i guess! anyways, we spent a couple hours on campus and had a good time. i think ben was as close to heaven as you can get on earth. he really loves that place and now i hear talk of moving to provo. . . :)

since i took more pics on the drive home, i thought i might as well post them, too. my kids are wonderful sleepers - in their BEDS/CRIBS. but absolutely horrible sleepers anywhere else - like car seats. they fell asleep for about 1/2 hour - not a long enough break for me. i got exhausted on car rides - miles dropped this, jonas threw this done, miles wants something to eat, now jonas has to have something to eat, jonas needs a drinks, miles needs a drink, and on and on. they did really well on the drive, but it's just kind of tiring. so anyways, here are the pictures:

i mean, really, why couldn't he sleep for more than a 1/2 hour in this extremely comfortable position on a very windy road????

we, ummmm, borrowed these popcorn boxes from my mom (thanks mom!) and the kiddos loved them. i had popped popcorn before we left and they really enjoyed eating out of them. afterwards, the boys played with them for like 1/2 hour or so. jonas liked putting stuff in and taking it out. . . miles would drive tow mater into it - a "garage."

what mom doesn't absolutely LOVE it when her boys just sit and enjoy a good book!? i know i do. it's one of my favorite things to see them do, just grab a book and look at it. miles was absorbed in his dinosaur book: "what is that bone mom?" and jonas loved his I SPY book: "airplane, airplane, bike."
and that's that.


rebecca said...

Really? Move back to Provo? I vote yes! Then we'd see you again for sure when we make the annual trek to Bountiful.

Looks like you had a great time. Miles is getting so big. He always has such great expressions in his pictures. What does he think about being a big brother again?

emily said...

miles thinks my "big belly" is pretty fun. he also thinks that since we are getting a "new baby," jonas will then be the "old baby." :)

erin said...

what we want to see are pictures of you and grassy! although i do love seeing those boys.

Ben said...

This is the greates blog I have ever been to. I love it. That looked like a great trip. I love BYU. I used to go there, you know.


Niederfam said...

TOO cute!!! But yeah, I think you should be in an occasional picture too!! Love the popcorn boxes, good thinking.....:)