Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Weekend

Our Easter festivities started Friday evening getting the eggs ready and dyed. Saturday morning we had our Egg-Hunt in the backyard. I thought I (I mean, the Easter Bunny) had placed the eggs in extremely obvious places (except for a couple), but I guess not. Miles was standing right next to one on a fence post and had to have us practically push his face into it for him to see. It was fun, though. Jonas really thought it was great to hold the egg. . . and then squash it.

Then we came back in and the kiddos found their basekts and enjoyed the yummy treats and fun toys. It was a cool day, but we still went out and had fun with the bubble-thing and with the water-guns.

So we had finished up our Easter Bunny Festivities by 8:45am - and I had even gone on a 4-mile run before all this! wowzers.

Then for Easter Sunday we had bought some new clothes for the boys - sponsored by my dad. :) We got some great deals at the Children's Place in Provo and so that was nice. So here are some pics of Miles and Jonas:

Miles is looking so old and mature here - and cute, too, in my opinion. :)

For some reason Jonas isn't a fan of the nice brotherly neck-hold that Miles is putting on him. OH BROTHER!

How cute! I wanted them in front of the tulips, but it was pouring rain and so that wasn't going to work. And what are they looking up at? Me jumping out behind cameraman Ben shouting, "Peek a Boo." Man it's hard work to get a decent pictures of these two boys. But it's worth it.


erin said...

love it! and yes, miles was looking pretty cute.

erin said...

oh yeah, and so miles is wearing flip flops now? how does he like them?

emily said...

well, he doesn't love them but does tolerate them - for me, perhaps. :) because i so LOVE them - jonas has some, too!

Niederfam said...

ORANGE!!!! I love that color....you are good, it looked like a success all around...Cute little handsome devils in their sweater vests and all.....:) Cute family!!! As for the flip flops, Mitt has some too and he LOVES them, his only dilemma is which ones to wear, the baseball or football, lately it's been alot of baseball.........tis the season!

rebecca said...

Fun day and cute pictures. Ummm . . . so Emily. I feel extremely lame knowing you are 20 weeks pregnant and you RAN 4 miles early in the morning. What's my excuse?!