Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fishing Derby, Part 2

The Rotary Club puts on a Fishing Derby each year - well we've been 2 for 2 so far in our stay in Montrose. It's great - we get free fishing poles (to keep), worms, and even hot dogs and soda if we want. Again, it's all free. How nice is that? It was a cool day and rained right before we left, but luckily it stopped the whole time we were there - although it was quite cool. So here are the pics to show our adventures:

Here Ben is showing Miles the worm. Miles really is interesting in all things and has tons of questions about everything, but that doesn't mean he wants to get close or touch those things. Yuck.

Here are da boyz getting the fishing gear all ready. Jonas is all set and ready to go with his pole. Funny.

He looks like he's having fun, right?! And he did. But most of his fun was not due to holding a fishing pole - which he did for like 2 minutes TOTAL. :) He and Jonas loved throwing the rocks in the water. They were really great sports - they were just playing a different sport!
See, you can see the fishing pole in the background and the trusty ol' rock in his hand. He LOVED throwing the rocks and making "bubbles" in the water. The little boys were both delightful to watch play - I love them.

Ahhhhh, yes. The Big Finale. Here I am catching a fish - a 10 1/2 inch (yes all fractions count - even 1/100ths) rainbow trout. What a beaut. And if you have excellent memories you may remember that it was me last year who was successful in catching our one catch of the day. :) But Ben should get all the credit: he baits the worm and casts the line - while I just hold it, reel it in, and then realize there is something tugging at the end of my line!

Anyways another super fun day at the Fishing Derby. We'll be there for Part 3 - will you????

(Since I ended it that way I might as well count this as my April's M2M - Move 2 Montrose.)


erin said...

i love those boys! i also love seeing pics with ben because you can just see how much he loves them too. and that pic of you?!? where is grassy!?!? looking good!

emily said...

yes, ben loves them kiddos. and, yes, that picture is very, very kind to my belly. funny. maybe that's why i posted it. :)

Niederfam said...

YEAH, no kidding, you don't even look pregnant at all!!! I wouldn't be touching fish or worms either for that matter, something else Miles might have in common with his sister.....:) What a fun day!!! So will I see a Rainbow trout recipe on the foodees??? :)