Thursday, April 26, 2007


So we found out today that Miles appeared in the paper yesterday - the local Montrose Daily Press. We were pretty excited about it. We don't get the local paper and so I and the 2 kiddos walked down to Main Street this morning and purchased us a paper from a newspaper bin. (I called the Newspaper office and was told they don't print the paper until 11am and so I could go before that time to get yesterday's paper- perfect!) Miles was pretty unconcerned about seeing him in the paper - he was more into pulling down all the paper bins and checking to see if papers were in them. :)


Niederfam said...

Look at that!!! Who knew?? :) He's famous already!!

Marisa said...

Emily...this is Marisa, Megan Tilton's old roommate, everyonce in awhile I click on your blog off of Meg's page so I can see pictures of your cute boys..being a mom of girls you want to know there are some cute mormon boys being raised out there! I was talking to this guy that was working at our house the other day and guess where he had moved from..Montrose, CO. I couldn't believe it as I had never heard of it before I read your blog and he was shocked that I knew someone that lived there. And congrats on your little girl...you'll love her! We have 3 of them, a 3 year old, 22 month old and 2 month old.

erin said...

look at him, following after his auntie! ha. that's really exciting though. do you remember seeing the photographer there?

emily said...

thanks for checking out my blog marisa! crazy about the montrose kid. and three girls! wow.

yes, erin, we saw the guy and chatted with him for a while - the photog. he lived in jackson for a while.

Kristen said...

Looks like the Maxwells are famous in Montrose. Another reason why to move there.