Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Ultrasound. . .

So. . . the big question is . . . will my baby be wearing this dress (bought in Guatemala) or not???? But since we all know I do on occasion put my boys in pony-tails and, yes, even put Jonas in this dress once for fun - the real question should be: Would it be appropriate for me to have my baby wearing this dress?????

To drag it on a little further, take a look at this photo and see if the color of the wafer gives anything away????

So what does a pink wafer mean??? It means that the ultrasound gal (???) found an absence of a boy, and what looks suspicious of a GIRL. I'm a little skeptical with it being a girl, but as there was nothing showing the opposite, and reason for her to believe it's a girl, I'll guess we'll go with that for now!

So after Miles and Jonas got up from their nap, I told Miles that the doctor took some pictures and that it looks like the baby is a girl. Miles has been very adament that the baby is a boy, and was especially sure this afternoon that, "No, mom, it is a boy." I told him that the doctor really thinks it's a girl. Then my poor Miles started to get REAL sad and cry. When I asked him why he was crying he told me that, "I don't like girls." How sweet and cute. He was truly devastated.

But, alas, I had bought some pink wafers to celebrate the occasion and that seemed to pacify him - and even make him quite happy!

Truthfully, I think it will take us all a little while to get used to the idea of a Baby Girl. But I'm excited about it - however I do think it will take a little while longer for the boys in the family to get used to it (including Ben.) :)


The Crazy Tiltons said...

You seem to be following in the footsteps of the family you grew up in. Girls are soooo fun. You will love her after about the 1st 3 months of having her and not want to give her back for all the boys in the world. I was sure that Ellie was a boy when we went for our ultrasound. While we didn't want to know what we were having, I knew exactly when the technician looked and I saw that it was a girl. Greg thought I was full of it, but I was right! I remember just crying afterwards because I wanted a boy sooooo badly. Having seen that she was a girl gave me time to get used to it. If she had come out a boy I would have been REALLY upset.
So, here's to pink, cute clothes, drama queens, hissy fits, and tons of joy.

Kristen said...

EMILY!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!! That is so great and exciting. A little girl! Even though Miles is a little "unsure", he is going to love and protect her. However...... he might be a little upset at the fact that she can wear pigtails out and he can't. Hmm...... Who knows though....you might give in. :) Love it.

erin said...

so funny you have this guatemalan dress because i have a little dress i bought in mexico! ha. and yes, as megan said, you're about to have the "erin." you've already had the "brian" and "derek." and i have the perfect onesie for her! can't wait. think of all the fun things i can make for her! and hysterical that miles cried.

niederfam said...

TOO FUNNY!!! I love Miles reaction, I think Mitt would have done the same thing, although he's the one that keeps telling us "Baby Jane" is waiting in heaven, so who knows??? :) Miles will decide she's okay, and I"m betting Ben will be wrapped around her little finger in a heartbeat!!! :) SO....CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I can't wait!!! And she will have many many more options, including flip flop choices, so what are you worried about, right?? :)

rebecca said...

Yes! You will love a little girl! How fun for you Emily! Yay!!! I'm so happy for you. She will be wrapped around Ben's finger and spoiled by her big brothers. So . . . what are the names in the running? So fun!

Megan said...

So I'm a little late to the party but congratulations! I'm sure you will love your baby no matter what gender. And Ben will too. When I found out Charlie was not going to be a girl, I was just fine with it even though I thought I really really wanted a girl. (isn't it funny how we all have to tell our ultrasound stories). Anyway, congrats again!