Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Happy 5th Anniversary

So Ben and I celebrated our 5th wedding annivesary this past Friday, the 27th. It seems like it has been so much more than "just" 5 years, really. In a good way, I guess. I just can't really remember life without him and my 2 other handsome boys. In many ways it seems like we've always lived life together. And so far the life we have lived together is pretty darn great.

Ben and I were super duper lucky to have had Jim and Diana come over to watch our kiddos while we had almost 24-hours sans kids. Wow. Knowing that Miles and Jonas were in good hands with people they know AND love, I was hardly worried about them and so I was truly able to just have fun and enjoy being with Ben.

We spent a few hours in Ouray - walking by the shops, strolling through the streets, and eating dinner. It is a beautiful area. Then we drove over to Silverton, Colorado and stayed the night there. Ben's co-worker has a vacation home there and let us use it - how nice! Silverton is a neat town - but very weird, too. We went running in the morning and that was very fun. Then we ate at the local Cow Palace Cafe - Ben's kind of place, :). It was yummy, though. We drove up to Silverton Mountain - a ski resort there. It's like for extreme skiers ONLY. The place was packed. It's only 1 lift - but takes you to like only triple-black diamonds or something. It looked cool, though.

Anyways, we got home Saturday afternoon and all was well at home. Jonas was truly glad to see me. Miles? Well I'm not sure he cared if I was home or not. :) When Jim and Diana were putting Miles to nap, Diana told Miles that we'd be home when he got up. His response? "YEA!" No that's not it. It was more like, "Will you still be here Grandma Diana?" In some ways that makes me feel so wonderful that he loves and adores his Grandparents, in other ways it makes me kind of bummed that he wasn't too excited to have me back.

But it was a great trip spent with a great guy, father, son, friend, but, most importantly to me - Husband.

Here are some pics:

The neat home we stayed at.

Here we are getting ready for our run. How's that for showing Grassy Rose (i.e., Baby Girl)!?
I was reading something online the other week about looking thinner in photos. One "tip" was to cross your legs. Ben thinks it looks like I need to use the bathroom. Whatever, I'm pregnant and so I probably do!

We took this for Miles' sake. Silverton's version of "Filmore" from the movie Cars. (We both think that Silverton has 2 times as many dogs as residents, and 3 times as many old and junky cars as residents).

Ben was completely embarrased when he found out I took this photo - well, gosh, think of me taking it! I just thought it was funny. I love that I got the menu showing the name of the cafe. Perfect.


erin said...

thanks for showing grassy. that's fun to see. has ben lost weight? he looks really thin in that picture with your legs crossed. glad you guys had a good time!

emily said...

since a year ago ben has lost weight - about 17-18 pounds i think! the only time i've lost weight like that is after birth. so not fair. his diet change? not eating a HUGE bowl of cereal EVERY nite at 9-10pm (it probably had like 500 calories, so it would add up to 1 pound a week).