Thursday, May 17, 2007


well i just have some random things to write about, nothing in particular.

ben and i and family had a good past weekend. we went to utah to run our 3rd Annual Maxwell Family Provo River 10K. okay, it's not called "Maxwell Family," but is the Provo River 10k. the first year we ran with miles in a stroller and i was about 2-3 months pregnant with jonas. the 2nd year ben pushed miles and i pushed jonas in separate strollers. and this year ben got to push the 2 kiddos in the double-stroller, while i lugged around baby grassy.

it was another fun run in the beautiful provo canyon. but it was the hardest one for me - i'm just slow now. and i've found out why: not only am i pregnant, but i am also FAT. it's true. i just had my appointment today to confirm that diagnosis. i weigh A LOT - with ben losing weight and me gaining it, we seriously might catch one another. I HOPE NOT. the nurse measured me (my belly) and told me my measurement was right on target - 24 1/2 (and i am exactly 24 1/2 weeks along!). i told her, "great, then i'm just getting fat in other parts of my body." she just laughed, and i just wanted to cry. :) just kidding, kind of. . .

anyways, back to the run. the kiddos did about the worse they've ever done in the stroller. we had about 1 1/2 miles of screaming, crying, throwing toys at each other (miles and jonas, not ben and myself), etc. but then they calmed down and had a fine time. considering things they really did fantastic, just their own "personal worst." hehe.

the worse thing about the race, though???? after the race we asked some nice man to take our picture - all 4 of us. he claimed to have taken 2 pictures. and what happened - nothing! we have no pictures from that man! i was so mad and sad when we got in our car. i'll now check my digital photos taken by other individuals as soon as i get the camera in my hand. sheeesh. i can understand messing up once, but twice? really.

we had a fine mothers' day, too. my mom is a dandy and made a yummy dinner for us - so i actually didn't have to do anything and my mom had to do everything. some things never change. . . although since i have kids, the same holds for them - they never have to do anything while i get to do everything. oh the joys of motherhood, right mom?!

so it was a great weekend.

now we're back in the swing of things and trying to get our garden planted this week. here are some pics of us working, and playing of course, in the backyard:

having fun in the wheelbarrow!

jonas getting some practice in so he can challenge his brother in the 2nd annual Tour de Grass (miles was our only contestant last year, so it should be a real good race this year).

busy bees. ben weeding and hoeing rows. miles picking up rocks in his trusty wheelbarrow. and jonas? dumping pulled weeds back in the garden! good work team.

the start of something beautiful, we hope! so there are the hills - hopefully we'll plant the seeds and plants tomorrow. the green plants already there are strawberries. we've already seen a few little green berries starting to grow, so hopefully we'll get a bunch.
alrighty, enough for now.


Megan said...

Sounds like you had a great time. You make me laugh with your "fat" comment. YOU ARE NOT FAT - YOU ARE PREGNANT!!! Please try and remember that. Anyway, it's the only time in your life where a little extra to love has a reason, so enjoy it. Grassy will suck it all of in a few months anyway.

erin said...

do you feel like you're gaining more weight with this pregnancy than with the others? or are you doing just what megan said...feeling fat when really, you're just prego. and i can always count on the pictures of my nephews to make me laugh! i love them in the wheelbarrow, but the one from the side. so fun.

erin said...

forgot to mention that if i were miles, i'd be nervous for the tour de grass! that stare-down from jonas says that he means business!

Niederfam said...

Can I enter the tour de grass??? I just want to compete against the CUTE boys, I also SECOND the prego/fat comments.....just remind yourself that bigger babies SLEEP longer, and so do their mommies, that sometimes eased the "pain" for me.....:) HANG IN THERE............and.....BEAUTIFUL to watch your garden grow, I so want one fo those......SOMEDAY. Although we signed loan documents today, the NOT SO FUN part of building your new house, it unfortunatley puts the reality in your dream world............

emily said...

yes, i'm really just pregnant and that is why i am gaining the weight - but i have, at this stage, gained more than my other 2 pregnancies at the same stage. so that's not so fun.

rebecca said...

You are AMAZING. A 10K?! While 5 months pregnant? Your garden looks fabulous - what a cute family you have! Those boys are just adorable.