Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Welcome to Puddle Season

Well looking out my window it appears that puddle season is here. The kiddos are thrilled about it. I wanted to get out of the house this morning but since it had rained last nite/early morning everything was still wet. So I decided we'd just go for a walk. Well I wish I would have thought it out a little better: rain = puddles. But I didn't and that was still okay.

We were only a block or so away from home when we spotted it: The Puddle. It was huge - streching the whole length of an alley-way street (dangit, I forgot my camera!). And, of course, it was dirty - full of mud, rocks, leaves, and other such debris. This meant one thing to my boys: jump right in!

Luckily I was there to first roll up their pants (a lot of good it did NOT do Miles) and then tell them, "Go for it."

And. . . they loved it of course. Miles was yelling at the top of his lungs - he wasn't saying anything, just yelling, hollering, whatevering. I was almost embarrased. . . for myself. But it made me laugh each time - well, one time I did tell him to tone it down a bit. :) Miles got completely filthy - he was running all across the puddle and was soaked from belly-button down. Soaked with water and every other sort of wet debris found lurking in the puddle. It was great.

Jonas at first spent most of his time throwing rocks. He loves to throw rocks and is really quite adept at it for a 17-month old. His pants kept falling down at the waist until I finally rolled them there too. After a while of throwing rocks he started to venture in to actually Puddle-Play. He began walking all around it too, splashing and stomping his feet. It was truly delightful to watch.

Since I didn't have my camera there I took some photos back at home. They don't do it justice, however. Miles was completely drenched and dirty, Jonas was from knees down. His socks were white when left for the walk. . .

If only I hadn't actually showered this morning AND worn something clean I might have ventured in with them. Might have.

It makes me miss those days of just . . . playing. Sure, that's what I do everyday now, but it's not the same when you're 5 and playing to when you are 28 and playing. I'd frankly rather be playing something else than with racing cars. It's too bad that I'm not at the same stage as my kids and could be content with playing for hours and hours. But if I was at that same stage then I'd probably be at the same age. And that just wouldn't work - I'd turn in to one of those girls that Miles doesn't like. :)

But I guess I'm realizing the somewhat sad and selfish truth: I've had my turn. I've had my turn to climb up trees, build forts, play cops 'n robbers, run around playing kick-soccer, engage in arts and crafts - real messy ones, play Barbies, have pretend school and pretend homework (yes, my sis and I did do that), catch fireflies and keep them in my room at nite, have lemonade stands, and, yes, even splash in puddles.

But, luckily for me, I have kids now and can enjoy these things once more. For them. It's all about them now. But watching them do these things is almost (ALMOST, not quite) as fun as it was for me my first times.


Funny Girl said...

Sounds like you all had a good time. I will keep this in mind for an activity for Ellie and I to engage in someday. Glad you and Ben were able to get away. Fun!!! We are planning a trip to Chicago this summmer in conjuction with a conference for Greg and I can't wait!

erin said...

you know, i can still give you homework if you want. in fact, i have an exam i'm just itching to give...i love that you just let them play. and no, the pictures don't do it justice because they don't look as wet as you say they are. i wish i could have been there!

emily said...

uh, no thanks on the homework sis.

Niederfam said...

YES, puddles are fantastic and can create HOURS of fun. PS Is that your new Pilot parked in the background??? If so, I like it!!! :)