Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cupcake Day

Lest you do not have a 3-year-old or if YOUR 3-year-old forgot to inform you, it is Cupcake Day. So go home and make some in celebration!

p.s. So I don't think it is officially Cupcake Day (my sister just informed me it is 12/15!), but we were reading a book today (If I Built a Car) and it had a picture of a cupcake. Miles told me we should make some today, then added, "because it's Cupcake Day." So there ya have it.


Megan said...

Hey - I say make it "Cupcake Day" whenever you darn feel like it. What a fun mom you are!

emily said...

oh i may be a fun mom when it comes to making things. see how fun i am when i have lost all patience with my 3-year-old and have no idea what to do. then - not so fun.

erin said...

so you did actually make these? yum! i'll let you know how the cookies and cream cupcakes/cake turns out and then maybe you can make those on the official "cupcake day."

Niederfam said...

Dang I'm sorry I missed it!!! I"ll have to celebrate a little late instead!