Friday, June 01, 2007

generic v. brand-name

So here is a picture of Jonas getting up in the morning and is also the reason I am no longer buying generic diapers. Basically, they are awful:

For the past month I've been saying "no more" to generic diapers, but then I get to the store, compare the prices and number of diapers I get, and I just can't do it - I can't buy the expensive brand. Well, I think it is time to sacrifice a few more bucks for Jonas' sake.
Kraft Mac 'n Cheese is another thing I have discovered that is not worth the few pennies to buy its generic equivalent.
Some things just gotta be the Real Deal.


Megan said...

We've always used Pampers, and your picture is the number one reason I've never dared use generic. We've only had a few leaks, so to me they are worth the money. Definitely more worth it if you buy them at Sam's or Costco - so stock up the next time you go.

rebecca said...

So true - on both. I actually really like Kraft mac n cheese. But generic is no good. Great picture. I can smell him from here. :)

Niederfam said...

YES.....sometimes you really do get what you pay for......Although as much as I dislike Walmart, which is quite a bit, for lots of reasons.........their White Cloud diapers were the only thing that Mitt would stay dry in, and were talking AGAINST Pampers, Huggies, you name it.....believe me I didn't like going to Walmart to get those, but had too!!!!

erin said...

wow, em! those are pretty amazing. and i totally agree about the m&c. we once tried generic m&c and it's sooo not the same. although i still want to try making only mac and cheese from scratch so my kids won't stick up their noses at it because they want the real stuff ("kraft") instead.

emily said...

in case my mac 'n cheese statement is confusing: Kraft is the only way to go - a definite no-no to generic varieties.