Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Fathers' Day

I hope all the fathers out there had a good day! I don't have any wisdom about being a father, so I can't write anything about that! But I can truly say I have a great dad, a great father-in-law, and a great father to my children. How lucky can a girl get?
Here are just 2 pics of our Fathers' Day:
Here we are enjoying "breakfast in bed." It was a fun family affair . We let Ben sleep in (until 7 am!!!) while I made apple german pancakes. Fun for us!

Then we had a "man's dinner" last nite. (Good thing Fathers' Day is only once a year!) It was kielbasa (but I had to buy the turkey version, I just couldn't do the full-fat beef - Ben was totally fine with it, too! What a guy), with potatoes and biscuits and cherry-chocolate cake for dessert. Ben got 3 candles for his 3 years of being an awesome daddy.

And why is jonas' hair wet? Because he stuck it in the dog's water bowl, of course. Usually he just gets down on all four and starts drinking - no kidding - but this time I guess he wanted a little hair-washing, too. Gross, I know. But it's better than when he stuck his head in the toilet - right after miles had peed - last week. :)

Oh they joys of parenthood. . .


erin said...

happy father's day ben! the boys are adorable. love jonas's wet hair. i'm so glad that we have a dog now so that my kids will (hopefully) do the same thing.

rebecca said...

Love the toilet story. The things we have to deal with every day. It's always a surprise. Well, great job spoiling your hubby on his day. Dads are the best!