Thursday, June 28, 2007


Yes, it is a confusing title, but it is just like a word Miles would come up. Ya see, lately we have been living in a world of total imagination. From the moment we wake up, to the time we are going to bed, Miles pretends, pretends, and pretends. We are camping in the tent (his room), making ramps (tipping over chairs), being a doctor and "checking" me out (with all sorts of odd things to "check" me out - like a bird-magnet to look in my ear), and, tonite, eating shaved ice in shoes.

While I was getting dinner ready I heard Miles in the family room talk of getting shaved ice for all of us. We had previously been coloring with markers, then the markers were used by both Jonas and Miles to build towers (by stacking them), then the markers were trains, then the markers became one tool used by Dr. Miles to assess me, and finally the markers were used as shaved ice.

Tuesday afternoon we spent 3 hours VTing (during nap time, how lovely is that?) and so to reward ALL of ourselves, we went and got some shaved ice. Miles and Jonas loved it and obviously it made an impression on Miles.

So when I came in to set the table, I see this:
Miles had set out a "shaved ice" for each of us (Ben didn't get one since he was gone at his Church meetings), complete with a spoon. Ha! I thought it was great. He even set each shaved ice on the right side of each setting - what a smartie. :)

The markers were the syrup that he would pour into the shoes. We had cotton candy (the flavor he got), tiger's blood (ben's flavor), lemon (yellow marker), blueberry (blue marker), etc. We were all instructed to "eat" our shaved ice during dinner. And boy was it gooooood!
So I love all this pretending and it is quite hilarious, but sometimes I wonder what Jonas thinks of it all. I think he gets it for the most part, but I also believe he was somewhat dissappointed when he took his spoon from his shoe and tasted. . . nothing.


Megan said...

Very, very cute.

erin said...

oh poor baby jonas! made me laugh though. there was an article recently inthe Post that talked about how good it is for little kids to play pretend. Almost better than having them in structured learning, at least at Miles's age. So good job sis!

Niederfam said...

i love to listen to mitt in his own little world, isn't make believe the BEST??? thanks for the photo's so we could get in on it too!!!!

rebecca said...

Love it.