Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June's M2M

so another post on why you all (or at least ONE of you) should move to montrose - besides the obvious, that we live here. :)

so it is a small town, but it won't be for long nor does it seem so small. we will be getting a much-needed target this october, so once an old navy comes along too i'll be totally set here.

but some fun things about small towns is that there are always little activities going on - and they are not far from home. being that we live in the "downtown" area we are in a short walking distance to a lot of festivites. there are parades, the farmer's market, quaint downtown shopping, the fishing derby, etc. this saturday i think ben will take the kids to the "tractor pull" while i'm trying to get some sleep after my friday-nite at work. (the tractor pull is something with just tons of old tractors, farm equipments, etc. the boys should really like it - all 3 of them.)

also, our library has a great children's section. truthfully, it's the only one i've really visited and so it might not be so grand compared to the "big cities." but there are always things going on for children. there are plenty of story-times - and they do a great job in dividing the kids into appropriate age-groups (18-36 months, 3-5, etc.). i haven't taken advantage of the story-time b/c it's a little challening taking jonas with miles. but jonas is a little older and so now we go to "story-time/craft-time" every wednesday from 10-11. it's great! miles just sits and watches and hardly speaks or answers any questions when the librarian asks. he can be quite the shy boy at times.

the library also has a reading program for children, as young as 3. so i signed miles up on the first day and we log in our minutes each day. for every 5 hours you read you get to bring your log in and get a "prize." we got our first prize today - a plastic bag with "ike" on it. i guess "ike" is some detective dog (the theme for the summer reading program is "get a clue."). so that was pretty fun.

and today's stories and crafts were centered around "disguises." the librarian/story-teller even plays some instrument (i have NO clue what it is!) and sings some song. crazy times there, i tell ya. so for the craft we made masks - she showed a bunch of examples and miles wanted to do the butterfly (although the librarian is convinced there are no such things as butterflies - only flutterbies, since they have nothing to do with butter and everything to do with fluttering by).

so, in the end, we ended up with a yellow bug - jonas - and a flutterbie - miles. miles didn't real care for wearing it much UNTIL he saw himself in the mirror! then he absolutely loved it. and he loved looking at jonas, the yellow bug. as well as jonas got a kick out of his brother, the flutterbie. so some fun times!

come and join us soon for the next story-time/craft time. we're waiting. . .

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erin said...

holy moly. i LOVE these pictures. little jonas's face in the second one is adorable! i'll come back to this page throughout the day just to make me laugh.