Sunday, June 24, 2007

Silver Jack Camp-Out

so these camp pictures will pretty much be like last time, but since my blog has become my journal/scrapbook of sorts, i still want to "document" it.

Silver Jack Scenery

the pretty mountains surrounding the area. also, the beautiful river.

and here is our cozy campsite. it was perfect - all nestled in the trees. the only problem? mosquitos (by the billions if you ask me) thought it was a pretty dandy place too. i forgot how much i absolutely HATE, HATE, HATE mosquitos.

Chillin' and Eatin' at Camp

here's ben cooking all of our gourment-camp food - mac 'n cheese (pre-cooked noodles with some shredded cheese).

Jonas chillin' in his campin' chair. (for some reason, we think he really looks like his cute cousin, Emily Edens!)

these boys take eating their dinners very seriously apparently.

the boys trying to get warmed up in blankets and sitting by the fire - waiting for some warm oatmeal.

Fun Inside the Tent
while ben was pumping up the air matress the boys had fun playing under it - and got a lot of static electricity from it!

Fun in the Great Outdoors

a wonderful log we found - perfect for bouncin'!

so we took a hike on saturday morning to a river to get some water (yes, we filtered it). there was this perfect muddy, miniature, side-river (oxbow?) right next to the big river and miles had a blast! as you can tell from the pics the water was freezing - absolutely freezing! the kid played in it so long i was worried he was going to cause serious damage to his feet. ben and i both got in but did not last nearly as long as miles! and jonas? he barely let us dip his toes in. :) smart boy.

we went out fishing on friday evening and saturday - neither day fish were caught by us! oh well. we forgot worms and tried some lures - that obviously weren't luring the fish there. whatever. miles got, ummmm, slightly dirty from our camping adventures. fun for him. (also fun for him? his shower when we got home! seriously, the boy loved it and was laughing and hollering all the while in the shower!)

so anyways, it was a great camping trip in a beautiful spot. and the boys slept the best they ever have and we even all took naps in the tent on saturday afternoon. how nice.

our next camping adventure? lake city - for the july 4th. and that just might be my last for the summer. we'll see. . .


erin said...

the static electricity pics are awesome. i love jonas's little face. sooooo jealous you were in actual mountains.

erin said...

oh yes. forgot to add that i love your new "thoughts" in the right side bar. :)

Niederfam said...

It looks like SOOOO much fun. I wish I could convince myself to "like" the idea of camping, I'm just not that into it....YET.......my boys are pulling for a pop up trailer, that I might be able to swing, we'll see....GOOD FOR YOU. It's beautiful!

rebecca said...

As usual, I'm inspired by your camping adventures. The thought of camping with all my kids doesn't exactly thrill me into action very often. But when I see pics of your family going, I always think . . . why not?! We're going in two weeks for 3-4 days (depending on my sanity) so we'll see how it goes.

rebecca said...

I too love your thoughts on the right hand side. Labor AND poop! Love it!

emily said...

well rebecca, you have a little more to handle than i do! :)

gosh, a 3-4 day camping trip? now that's adventerous!

and, nat, i think a pop-up is a great idea! you get the best of both: being in the great outdoors, but also having an "indoor" escape place. go for it! :)

Megan said...

Totally jealous!! You know I'm in a desperate spot when camping sounds like a good idea. It of course would only be fun if you and your fam were there with us. We should schedule a vacation together. How fun would that be?

emily said...

sounds reeeeeeeal good to me megs!

you're only 1100 miles away - maybe someday we'll meet in the middle. :)