Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ben's Baby Shower

Ben was lucky again to have his work throw him a baby shower! I feel silly, but we've had baby showers for each of our kids. Oh well - they are fun and we do get some great stuff. So I won't complain.

The baby shower was for 2 other people, too - another gal at work who is due any day, and another man at work who just adopted a cute little (well, cute and chubby) Korean baby. So it was nice to not have all the attention on us - I hate attention.

When it came close to opening presents, 3 chairs were set out and gifts divided up. I was nudging Ben and telling him to go and open them. His response: no. (He thought it would be a little funny to sit there opening presents while his pregnant wife watched the 2 kiddos.) However, the hosts had already decided that the men were going to open the gifts - Perfect! I was oh so happy.

I hardly saw anything opened because I was watching Miles and Jonas. The shower was at Sonya's house and she has about 1.5 acres with a playset, etc. So the boys had a fabulous time running around and occasionally checking out the gifts. It was a fun evening (thank goodness for cloud-cover) and we're always amazed at how nice people are.

And, YES, I am absolutely excited to have little Grassy Rose -- if for no other reason than to play dress-up with the adorable outfits we got!

Some more pics of the occasion:
The men: Ben (no need to comment on how he is sitting like a girl - he already made that comment himself!), Sherman, and Andrea's husband (can't remember his name!)
Miles - yes it's fuzzy because the kid doesn't stop moving for too long.
Jonas enjoying his new present! Well, okay, Grassy's present. But Jonas doesn't know the difference - at this point.


rebecca said...

Emily! I am so excited for you to play dress up with your girl! Pink is so fun!

erin said...

and i am excited for me...that i can finally buy cute girl clothes!

Kristen said...

I love the idea of the guy opening the presents. How funny. You are going to have a little girl! I can't even imagine!