Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Come For a Visit

So we've been doing a little bit of stuff to improve our "curb appeal." Not because we are selling our house, but because we want to enjoy our house more. Little things make a big difference to me - like last nite I put in some pantry shelf liners and feel much better about our pantry. I love the little, cheap things we can do to make our home just a tiny bit better.

So here's what we did to the porch: last summer we painted the top of the columns black. Then last week we painted some boards black and sawed them and added them to the bottom of the columns. We made some little fence thing around where some wild flowers might eventually bloom (we actually have gotten some blooms in the past 2 days). We made the window box last year - I need new flowers in there. Then we bought those flower planters at a garage sale a month or so ago. They were antique-looking in their natural wood state, but it looked too washed out on our porch. So we painted them black. Then Ben finally (!) finished my birthday present - the lovely red porch chair. I LOVE it. (And don't worry, i knew i would be getting it 2-3 months after my birthday.)

And I think that's it. We think it might be a little too much - but I think we'll leave it like that for the summer at least.

Hopefully our porch is SO inviting you all will want to come for a visit now!


erin said...

i want to come! i want to come!

Niederfam said...

Great curb appeal!!!! I love it. Great chair too............PERFECT for a little patio sitting in the evenings if it's NOT 100 degrees like it is here....AHHHH!!!!

Kristen said...

Cool house Emily. I'd come now that you've spruced up your house a little bit. I mean seriously. That was the reason I wasn't coming. JK of course. :)

emily said...

hey, kristen, i'd spruce it even more up for a visit from you - like maybe even cleaning the ring around our toilet or something. . .

erin - then come, come!