Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things

So maybe this will become a weekly post - on my favorite happenings/sayings of the week. Maybe it won't. We'll see how it goes.

But today I had 2 favorite things:

Jonas -
So we went to story/craft time at the library today. Usually Miles sits down on the floor and I sit on some surrounding chairs trying to hold Jonas and keep him entertained. I guess I was doing a poor entertaining job and so Jonas really wanted to get down. So I took him to the back of the room and sat down with him. He wouldn't have it. He started moving - and rather than make a huge scene by pulling him back to me, I thought I'd see first what he'd do. Well, he walked around the room, found Miles, and sat next to him. I LOVED it.

Miles -
We went on a lovely evening walk today - during a light rainstorm. We had found some plum-like things from some trees and the boys decided to carry their's for the walk (the Big Boy - not Miles or Jonas - had to throw his plum-things at a stop sign). Well when we were at our house we told them they had to throw them - Jonas threw his and to encourage Miles I told him we'd have a contest to see who could throw the farthest. Well Miles won. So as we were walking inside I said, "Wow, are you going to be a baseball player???" He said no and so I asked what he wanted to be when he was bigger. His reply: "I want to be a daddy. Mommy's daddy." I knew he meant Ben by this (tho' he does love his grandpa's very, very much). I explained that mommy's daddy was Grandpa G. and that his daddy was my husband. So then he said he wants to be mommy's husband. He went up to Ben and told him that "I want to be you, daddy." SO cute.

All it takes are moments like these to make all the tantrums, whines, fights, etc. worth it.


erin said...

why aren't you bringing these boys to see me?! i can just hear miles saying those things. i bet ben loved it too!

erin said...

oh yeah, that image of jonas sitting by miles reminded me when forrest gump sits by his son and they both cock their heads while watching bert and ernie. two peas in a pod!

emily said...

what - me, a poor, pregnant gal with 2.75 kids come out to you - a rich, kid-less lady! i think not. YOU definitely need to come out here. :)

Niederfam said...

SO sweet!!! I know I LOVE the little moments when Mitt and Major are just giggling at each other, or cuddled up on our bed with us, just because. Like you said it makes the other not so fun moments WELL worth it!! And sorry Erin, I agree with Emily, you need to go to HER!!!! :)