Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lake City

Differnt camping trip, same people, similar adventures:

Lake City is just a beautiful area! I can't wait until the day when we can actually explore the area and hike in it, etc. But for now we just played and fished in the river and lake.

Ben waded across the river with the 2 boys to show them the Beaver House.

How beautiful - my family, that is!

I saw an idea from Family Fun for a scavenger hunt - paint colors on an old egg carton and then find things in natures of the same color. So we tried it out. Miles did really well, but I think it will be better when he gets older. But it was still fun and neat to see how many colors in nature we could find

We tried fishing at the lake, too, since we didn't have any success at the river.
I was successful in catching our only catch - a white sucker (or something like that). Ben thought it was SO ugly that he didn't even want to touch it. But I knew Miles would like it, so I made Ben do it. I just didn't know that Miles would LOVE the fish. Gosh, kissing the fish???? I don't even get a kiss from that kid! Sheesh, what's a mom gotta do??

Jonas had a fun time at the lake - playing in the water. It was a perfect location - one where both Ben and I could fish at the same time, while still watching the kids. It was grand.

July Fourth
We had a fun time watching the parade (we did this same trip last year). We get so much candy - it's like Halloween! I think that's all the boys cared about - well, at least Miles. Sure the horses were neat, the firetrucks cool, but dang a LOLLIPOP! Way better!
After the parade we hung out in town. Our first stop was the carousel - Miles had been asking about it ever since he saw it while driving thru town! And, ummmm, it looked like he wasn't disappointed!

So the campout was good. It's a lot of work and still consists of constant parenting, but at least we're in the beautiful mountains, even if we're still surrounded with the same howlings of our kids. . .


erin said...

that fish kissing is gross! and just be thankful you have mountains, not sick-o humidity flatness. i love pics with ben because he just looks so happy with his boys.

Niederfam said...

Oh you make me feel like an unfit mother.....Boys do need to go camping..............I love it. And to answer your question a little bit later, umm....I HOPE our house will be done sometime in November, pre Thanksgiving, but we shall see.....