Thursday, July 19, 2007


We spent last weekend up in Denver, staying at Ben's parent's home. Ben's sister and her whole family (1 husband and 4 kids) were there, too, and we haven't seen them in over 3 years and so it was really fun! It's always nice to be with family.

I'm going to wait on posting pictures because we didn't get too many and so I'm going to wait until we get a copy of pictures from Ben's parents. And that might be a while because they are visiting Ben's bro for the next couple weeks. So the pictures might be late, but that's not a problem.

So today was the first day (well perhaps that I can vividly remember) that I really, really, really, wanted to spank Miles! Urrrgh. We were walking back home from the park, had crossed the street and walked down a couple of houses, when Miles demanded that we turn around and go back to the park because he left his stick there (just a stick he'd found walking to the park). I said no and that we are going to head home - I told him we don't bring sticks in our house anyways. And the kid just went. . . ballistic. Seriously. Now I know I am to pick my battles - but sometimes you don't know they are going to battles! I would NOT have picked this battle if I saw how it would be played out, but I really didn't know it would turn so ugly.

So anyways, he is completely insane in my opinion. Screaming, kicking, and not wanting to move forward of course. So I've got Jonas in one hand and am literally dragging/pulling Miles on the grass. It got so bad that I had to throw Miles over my back (while still thrashing around) and hold Jonas' hand and walk back home. I'm sure I was a sight2see: 7 1/2 month pregnant shortie with one kid on her back and another being pulled 5 times his natural speed. Lovely.

So we got home and somehow I managed to strip the kid (the boys played in some sprinkler puddles by the park and were drenched) and then, ummmmm, not-so-nicely place (i.e., toss) Miles in Jonas' crib. Urrrgh. I think he was there for about 30 minutes. He was safe there. :)

When he got out he was banned from touching/playing with any toys - and he did really well with this. I did allow him to look at books - which meant me reading them to him. So I sat and read some books and tickled his back - and he was back to my sweet, little, inquisitive boy.

Oh, PLEASE, do not leave me again!


Megan said...

Welcome to my life - everyday!!! Ellie has fits like that on a daily basis. Something you will be able to look forward to when you have your girl - fun, fun!!!! Way to go on the self control.

Kristen said...

Oh my gosh, I had an experience like that in Target. It was the worst. Thinking about it makes me cringe. So I feel your pain Emily. Glad you had fun in Denver though! Now THAT is somewhere we could possibly move someday.

erin said...

man, i wish i had seen that sight! i'm sorry miles was such a pill. (isn't that a great old-fashioned word?!)

rebecca said...

I hate those moments - when I feel like the crazy mom who can't control her kids and yet, pregnant with another one. I started sweating just reading this story. I have left my second born in time out for really long segments of time because of the uncontrollable urge to spank her or toss her out the window. You are not alone. I hope you took a nice long bath that night! You deserve it!