Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Remarkable Thing Happened Yesterday. . .

Miles actually looked AND smiled (at the SAME time) at the camera for me! And even waited for me to take a picture. Whoa. Monumental. Huge. Amazing. I was in utter shock.

Seriously, whenever we want to take a picture of Miles we have to beg and plead and beg and plead. Then we might get a nanosecond of a glance towards the camera. Usually it won't include a smile. If it does include a smile, it's a completely goofy one.

So I was pleasantly surprised. And that's why I love this picture.

Explanation of the picture:

A friend brought over some hand-me-downs - mostly toys that we don't have room for. We also ended up with few items of clothing. I thought Jonas' shorts/slacks were quite funy and wanted to try them on. As soon as Jonas was decked out Miles wanted to join the fun. So we got his "new" swim shorts, football jersey, and train-conductor's hat on. Oh, and Jonas put those shoes on by himself. It was hilarious (to me since I'm their mom and they are my life) to see them strutting their stuff - and, yes, they were definitely strutting.


rebecca said...

Oh phew! I'm so glad those were not the ensembles your selected for a day out in public. :)

Congrats on a good smile. I totally get your frustration. They all seem to have their weird picture taking annoying quirks and different stages. This too shall pass, right?

erin said...

maybe little miles is growing up?! that would be exciting. are jonas's shoes on the right feet? i can't tell. and i disagree with rebecca, i think you should totally take them out like that! it would make people like me laugh.

Isa said...

I have been enjoying your blog and am going to link you guys! Thanks for reading and cyber listening. I love all the pictures and details of everyday life.

Niederfam said...

So we went to a rodeo this past weekend, and I took Mitt to story time TODAY in full cowboy garb, you would have thought it was HALLOWEEN!!!! So really what this means is........... I've grown up, you realize it's time to pick your battles, and today, at least he was dressed......:) LOVE the "new" clothes!!!