Sunday, July 01, 2007

Window Treatments

So my sister first introduced me to the term "window treatment." I had no idea what she was talking about. I think I had mentioned making some curtains for our windows in Grand Junction, but never did I mention anything about cleaning them or something!

Then she explained that window treatments are window curtains. Oh, then call them curtains.

So she helped me sew my first curtains back in our rental home in Grand Junction. I then made some curtains in our first home in New York. And it's taken me a while, but I finally made some window treatments (I've matured now and call them window treatments) for our home here.

Here they are for the big windows:

At first I thought these would turn out pretty lame and plain. But I like how they actually turned out when "folded" up and tied with ribbon. It's a pain to do it, but oh well! All I had to do for these were sew up the sides and wah-lah! Nothing complicated about it - that's why I was able to do it.

Then here is what I finished up tonite, for our small little window:

This is an "hourglass curtain." Now my mother-in-law gave me instructions for making these - but unfortunately she didn't come with the instructions. So I was at a total loss! I seriously can not understand instructions for the life of me. When I finished up the big window treatments I thought, "Hey, maybe it would be fun to make some cute things for the baby." Ehhh, no. I can't follow a pattern. So I winged A LOT with this curtain - and it all worked out.
Anyways, as you can tell from the windows, it is dark outside and I must be going to bed.


erin said...

your window treatments turned out beautifully! i'm so proud of you. i wish i could come have a sewing party with you.

Megan said...

I love them!!! Very cute. Where did you get the fabric? Is it that online place you were telling me about? I need the website. I will eventually be redoing all the window treatments in our house, so keep posting pictures of the ones you do.

emily said...

yes, the fabric was from jcarolinecreative.com

it's a great place - TONS of fabric, though! almost too many!

and i think for now that i am done. :)

i'll be excited to see some of your window treatments - how fun!

and erin, maybe for your b-day you can come out here and we'll have that sewing PARTY. :)

rebecca said...

They all turned out so cute! And that little window in your kitchen is adorable. I'm in love with your house. It has so much character.

Kristen said...

dude, I need some window treatments too. Does hanging a twin sheet up count as window treatments?

Niederfam said...

SO CUTE!!!! I'm so jealous. I've saved the fabric website and will be in touch when I actually have windows to cover.....YEAH!!!

emily said...

definitely, kristen, definitely!