Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Beach in Colorado

Ben was off the other day and so we decided to go to the "beach." Ridgway, that is. In Ridgway (a town about 25 miles away) there is a big huge lake and a little beach area to play and swim at, as well as a park. It was really fun, except that the sand at Ridgway is not nearly as soft as a real beach. Oh well.

I loved the short "big kid" swings - and so did Jonas!

It still makes me nervous sometimes when Miles goes down slides!

Miles having fun in the water!

And Jonas having fun in the water too, until. . .

he fell face first into a little puddle we had made!

And this is just a hilarious picture - we don't think it looks a thing like Jonas!

So there were our adventures for that day.


rebecca said...

I want to play as much in the great outdoors as your family does. You always have such fun adventures and your boys must just love life. Sunshine and dirt and water and joy! You're such a great mom Emily!

Megan said...

The lake looks so inviting - especially today when it's like 100 degrees and 100% humidity. O.K. I don't know the exact temp. and % humidity, but let's just say it's hot - HOT. Yuck, YUCK!!!!! Glad you had a good time.

Niederfam said...

At least the fall made for some GOOD pictures.....Your boys are so cute!!! It looks like a FUN day.

erin said...

jonas almost looks like he has a little mustache. funny.