Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just the 2 of Them. . .

So Ben and Miles went camping on Friday nite - just the 2 of them. I decided my camping days are probably done this summer - although frankly I'm not all that comfortable anywhere so it might not have made a difference. (Plus, Ben slept from 9-6:45, while my sleep was from 12-6. Blah. It was my fault staying up late, though - trying to get some scrapbooking done!) But it was good for Ben and Miles to go by themselves.

Here Miles is helping get the truck all packed up!

Dinner time - some yummy ramen noodles and french bread. With S'mores later on for dessert, of course!

Really no need for explanation of what is going on here. But this is future payback for all the, ummmm, trying times he gives us. :)

Our very own blond-hair, blue-eyed Huck Finn. They spent the evening trying to catch some fish - but unfortunatley weren't successful (where's mom when ya need her?!).

Ben had forgotten Miles' pull-ups for the nite and so when going to bed Ben told Miles not to pee and that he'd get him up in the middle of the nite to go. So at 4:30am Ben awoke Miles: "No, Dad, I want to sleep." But he did go out - and got to experience the magic of STARS - and lots of them! Then he went right back to sleep.

The rest of the morning was spent fishing again. This time they were successful - yea! The first thing Miles did when getting a hold of the fish - hug and kiss them! Ain't that just so precious????

So it looks like a wonderful time. When they got up in the morning Ben asked Miles how his sleep was. "It was fun, Daddy." Well I guess if his sleep was fun the rest of the camping adventure was probably really, really fun!


rebecca said...

Fabulous pictures! And what great memories for your big boy! Ben is a good Daddy.

I hope we'll see some of those pages you stayed up creating on the scrap blog!

P.S. Grassy's box was mailed Friday! I can't wait for you to get it!

erin said...

i think huck finn is totally an appropriate name for him. love the overalls.

Niederfam said...

Agreed..............Huck Finn indeed!!! And HORRAY they (finally) caught some fish..........hugs and kisses and everything I LOVE it!!!!