Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just the 4.9375 of Us

Well Ben was off today and it was just delightful. We went to Ouray - about 45 minutes away - and had a good time. I love Ouray - it is a town right next these beautiful moutains and is just fun. It was so nice to be up there because it was cool - literally cool. It felt incredibly good to get out of the heat - I absolutely hate summer, really I do. Anyways, we just played at a park there and had fun. Then went to get some snacks (i.e., treats) for the boys at a local bagel shop. Miles decided upon a cinnamon roll and we ordered one - to be shared with all of us. The cash register guy must have had pity on us because 1. We are a family of 4.9375 and 2. We paid with quarters (thus signifying how poor we are???). So as we sat down he brought over the warmed-up cinnamon rollS - yep, he gave us 2. He said, "Well they are kind of small so I threw in a second one." I just thought that was really nice!

Anyways, after that we took a "hike" (1/4 mile) to Cascade Waterfalls. It's a little steep hike, but just the right length. It was perfect and beautiful.

Then for the ride home we didn't want the boys to fall asleep - we still wanted them to take a nap at home! So Ben bought them a special candy - ring pops! And, needless to say, it did the trick - neither kid fell asleep. You'll have to look at the pictures, though, to see what sticky mess we got ourselves into, however. :)

So here are some photos:

Miles, and Jonas, both had fun on this "old-time" toy. They just don't make these things anymore - which is probably smart cuz with lots o' kids there could be lots o' accidents.

Swinging is Miles' favorite activity - he just loves it! I wanted to show the amazing mountains in the background. So neat.

Here we are at the waterfall. Of course we don't get the whole waterfall, but it's still neat. (And I really don't like this picture of me. I look, ummm, fat. But Ben reminded me this blog is a journal and it would be fun to show Grassy - so I conceded).

The hiker boys.

Well where there is water, there are usually rocks. And definitely where there are rocks and water, my boys will be picking up the rocks and throwing them in the water! Always. Miles would ONLY pick up the big, "humongous" (his new favorite word) rocks!

Jonas was really proud of his rock throwing, too. And he took it very seriously. Take note of the puffed-out chest as he gets ready to throw! Wow.

And this picture does not even do justice to the sticky mess Jonas got himself into! He smeared that ring-pop all over his legs, then proceded to his face and hair. He especially liked rubbing the ring-pop all over his eyelids. At one point his eyelids were even stuck shut - it was hilarious!


Niederfam said...

Gotta love the ring pops......I'm so glad you got them to nap at home. SUCCESS!!!!!So umm....Jonas looks just like you to me, do you get that alot??? Which is funny because just this past week random people have been telling me that Major looks just like me!! Who knows?? And you are NOT fat, you are pregnant and YES, Grassy will appreciate it!! Looks like a very LOVELY day.

emily said...

funny you say jonas looks like me - i don't think anybody ever has (in fact, i don't think i ever hear comments about my kids looking like me?!)! except my husband all of a sudden thinks jonas looks just like me - we've been looking at my baby book and every picture he's like, "Jonas looks like you!" but jonas does have all the maxwell-side features, that's for sure.

people are weird. i get, "oh miles looks just like his dad," or "oh jonas looks just like his dad." when miles and jonas look nothing alike! who knows?

rebecca said...
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rebecca said...

Love the title of your post! So you're still hanging in there?! You look FABULOUS! I'm sorry, but I think there is almost nothing cuter on this earth than a nice round pregnant tummy. I love it! You look beautiful (though I'm sure you're feeling DONE at this point). Grassy will be here soon!

Looks like a beautiful day with the boys. Ahhh . . . you inspire me with how much you play outside. Have you ever read "Last Child in the Woods?" I haven't read it yet, just got it. But it talks about how our kids, in this generation, are "nature deprived" or something like that. I know your kids aren't, but it might be interesting reading for you anyway. You know, in your spare time, with a newborn. I'll let you know what I think of it.

Any packages yet?

erin said...

i agree with nat. jonas does look like you and i really felt it in these pictures. holy moly that ring pop pic is AWESOME. i would have that printe as a 5x7 and hung on my wall if i were you. and of course, super jealous of the mountains!

Niederfam said...

See..........I am RIGHT about a few things....he does like like you, cute little boy, they both are of course, but I totally see you in Jonas..........But agreed, people say the darndest things about who looks like who and why and whatever else they want before they THINK usually!!! :)