Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lefse and Sailboats

Question: What do lefse and sailboats have in common?

Answer: My husband is really into them at the present time.

If you really know Ben, you know that he can get "into" things really quickly and really deeply. His current obsession is rather interesting : Scandanavian culture. I think this came about as a result of 2 things: 1. His increasing dislike of the hot, hot summer - thus his thoughts turning to cooler things (like Scandanavian winters, logical right?!?!) and 2. His new exercising (a lot I might add) routine of in-line skating - similar to speed-skating, thus, once again, turning his thoughts to cooler things and places. Or something like that.

So what is lefse? Basically, it's a potato pancake - from Scandanavian culture, of course. We hadn't even tried these and Ben was telling me we had to buy a potato ricer - huh? A potato ricer is basically something that mashes up a potato really, really finely. And you know what - we did buy a potato ricer ! A cheap one. But only because I read how great they were for making baby food. :) So last week we made some lefse. And it tasted like. . . potato pancakes. I mean, I did like them because I really like plain and simple food and that is what it is. Ben LOOOOOOVED them of course and can't wait to make them again.

And sailboats. Well I have to admit that sailboats aren't just a whim for Ben. He's been really into them since his Alaska sailboating trip about 10 years ago. He has always wanted to get on another sailboat and has also always wanted to buy one. So today he passed by a garage sale that had a . . . sailboat. He told me about it and so I said let's go check it out. So we went and saw this sailboat - called a sabot. It's a really tiny sailboat; I guess it's used for beginner sailors and is quite "simple and safe" to use. Anyways, long story short - he bought it. It will technically be a birthday present for him (yes, his birthday is in December). He was quite upset (in a friendly way, of course!) when I made him offer the lady $50 less than her asking price. But, come on, you don't offer full price at a garage sale - unless you're my Dad, then you offer more. Now I'm all nervous about my husband out on a sailboat, but my husband is a cautious guy and so I think it will be okay. I'm really excited for him. He was so cute when we bought it - like a 3 year-old on Christmas morning.

So in spite of my husband's lefse and sailboat ways, AND because of them, I really, really love the guy!


erin said...

i am laughing sooooooo hard at this! i can't believe you did that! it's hysterical. i want to take a ride on it too. is miles excited?

emily said...

i'm not sure miles is really excited - yet. but when he gets older it will be the perfect sailboat for him to learn on.

and i'm not sure 2 adults can fit in that thing. :) but since our dimensions are quite, ummmmm, child-like, perhaps you and i will be the lucky ADULTS who'll actually get to sail with ben. i think that means we're lucky???

i can't believe i did it either.

Isa said...

This is just up our ally. Ben S. loves the very same things:) We miss you guys.

Niederfam said...

I'm laughing too, only because I can SO SEE my husband in the whole story. Funny story I'll make it short: Preston took me sailing on our honeymoon in San Diego, he neglected to tell me the last time he sailed was when he was 12 and he barely knew what he was doing then, but needless to say we were in Mission Bay of the OCEAN, and about dumped the 15 foot Catalina twice, although he assured me, his new bride, that that's what happens and it wasn't his fault we almost sunk. I believe him of course, and now we laugh about it every time. He and his brothers are constantly searching to replace their childhood sailboat, we'll see what happens. I'm glad Ben got one. :)