Friday, August 17, 2007

A Little Bit of Nesting

Some "nesting" projects I've been doing this week: So my sister told me about these headbands for babies made with tights - thus staying on the head better and without leaving indentation marks on baby's heads. Her idea was to make some. Then I found some gal online who sold some "nylon" headbands - for $1 each. That was my idea - to buy them already made. So I bought 5 nylon headbands and 1 crocheted one, and got one free crocheted one. Wahoo. Then I found some crocheted flowers on Etsy and ordered some. I also bought some buttons and a non-crocheted flower at Walmart. Then I glue-gunned on snaps to the 5 nylon headbands and the backs of all the flowers and buttons. So now I have many possibilities of what to do for my headbands. I'm excited!
With the generousity of Ben's co-workers, my sister-in-law, and old roommie Rebecca, I had lots of baby clothes to organize. I decided a good place to hang a bunch of stuff would be in our catch-all office closet - it was already home to my sewing supplies, scrapbooking stuff, games, file drawers, etc. - why not one more thing? I, of course, had fun looking at all the adorable clothes again. So fun!
I used 2 of my drawers for more clothes - mainly pajamas and onesies in the top and pants/other outfits, socks in the bottom.
Here is the little nook I created in our room - since we have no space elsewhere. It should work - at least for the first few months. The moses basket is sitting atop 8 barrels of wheat. Lovely.

Now all I need is Grassy Rose. . .


Megan said...

I wish I had the "nesting" syndrome. I remember doing that with Ellie and thinking how productive I would be if it lasted more than a couple of weeks. I'm glad you finally found a place for little "Grassy" to sleep. Way to go on the usage of food storage. Another testament that if you strive to obey the prophet, you will always find a place for things. I'll call you soon!

rebecca said...

Wow! I looks like she's all set! I'm happy you like the clothes I sent. :) I'm excited to see them worn by another adorable girl! Yay for Grassy Rose!

erin said...

everything looks great, em. all tha wheat sounds yummy.

Niederfam said...

I love nesting, and I really love the drawers full of tiny pink things, and little sweet headbands--- It's a darling little "nook" as you say. WELL DONE. Now just hurry up and get her here, will ya??? :) Oh, and you'll have to tell me where you found the headbands, my sister Nicole would LOVE those for her little one! THANKS

Kristen said...

Love the the little girl things. So cute. I can't believe you are due so soon! I'm so excited for you and hello.....you look great. I looked so so so much bigger than you when I was pregnant with Matt. Mine was embarrassing.