Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Maiden Voyage

Well since this "baby" came first, we decided to name the sailboat Grassy Rose. Sorry Baby Girl, but you should not be waiting so long to come out!

We went to Ridgway on Friday for Ben to test out his skills. He got a few books from the library on sailing and so he was excited to go and do. And? He had a GREAT time and absolutely loved it! He had a little trouble getting off of the shore, but once he did he was off and running. . . I mean sailing. It was really fun watching him and it looked like he was doing a really job manning the boat. I think Miles was a little nervous for his Daddy. He was real quiet when Ben was getting ready and asked what would happen if the boat tipped over. When Ben was heading out Miles was calling, "Don't go too far Daddy." Another time he called, "Dad, the boat is tipping!" It was sweet. But then watching the ever-so-skillful Ben on the boat, Miles lost all nervousness and began to play and have fun himself!

Ben getting Grassy Rose ready for her maiden voyage.
He made it out there and looked good!
A nice shot of Ben-the-Sailor-Man.
And while Ben was out cruising around, what were we doing? Well, throwing rocks for one thing - of course!
The boys also had fun playing in the water - until they got out and the sun went behind the clouds - BRRRRRR.
We also played in the back of Daddy's Truck. They love it back there - are they boys or what?!
When Ben got back we had a "picnic" in the back of the truck. How fun. We really had a fun time - especially Ben, I think! Oh yes, Boys Just Wanna Have Fun, too.


Niederfam said...

Oh, it looks like a success, a few rocks, picnic, and some sailing............PERFECT!!!

rebecca said...

What a beautiful day and amazing pictures. Looks fabulous. Ben is such a cool guy - what a fun hobby!

erin said...

i'm sooooooo jealous! that looks awesome. after the real "grassy" is born, will you take on a ride on the fiberglass one?

rebecca said...

Emily, now that you're down to days until Grassy's due, you HAVE to blog every day so we know if you're here or in labor. And of course, if you could hop online while contracting and let us know you're on your way to the hospital, that would be even better! Unless of course you're already there since it's been several days since I've seen you online . . . :)

Kristen said...

That is funny. I love it. So I have to tell you (off the subject)..I was in Costa Rica and randomly I ran into Jenna Wilson (I think that is her last name). Anyway, she is a nurse and she went to Jerusalem with me and I think she went to Guatamala with you. Do you remember her? Small world huh?

Kristen said...

OH she was on her honeymoon there. :)

emily said...

hey there - rebecca you were right. went to the hospital monday and we just got home today. i'll post a new blog tonite, or soon!

kristen - yes i remember jenna (jenaca?)! she did go to guate with me - she's great! small world. :)