Friday, August 31, 2007

more emmy

sweet baby with cute onesie by AuntE.

Jonas was being very adorable with her this morning.

going in for the kiss.

love her.

a sleeping baby is a very precious thing - especially at 4 am (unfortunately this picture was not taken at 4 am)


erin said...

oooh, she's so cute! i forgot that the onesie is for the 3-6 month old version of her! thanks for the picture, but you can put it away until then.

emily said...

the onesie is a 0-3 month - it actually isn't a bad fit. nothing really fits well for newborns. :)

rebecca said...

Love the onesie! It will fit her in about a week, they grow so fast! She is so cute Emily, just perfection. I'm so excited you have your girl! Yeah!

rebecca said...

Oh, and Emmy Ryan is such a cute name! Is there any significance to her name?

Niederfam said...

I love that, my daddy does my hair, too cute!!! Way to go E.....:) And YES, they do get BIG fast. She really is beautiful and so tiny!!! Isn't it funny how fast your little boys turn into BIG ones with a baby in the house. OH right, and I LOVE Emmy, I LOVE LOVE it!!!

emily said...

the name emmy was just one we liked, really. we knew of the name from a gal from our good ol' 207th byu ward. :) and it's close to my name - dads always get to have their names passed on, why not moms too!?

ryan is my mother-in-law's middle name, after her grandmother's maiden name.

and put them together and we just fell in love with the name emmy ryan. :)

Janae said...

She is so beautiful! I love having a girl! You are such a cute mommy!